THEY pulled off arguably the greatest upset in FA Cup history after coming from two down to beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

RORY McARDLE continues our series on City team-mates with his take on the quarter-finalists from 2015.


Ben played predominantly in the cup that season because we had Jordan Pickford but he was not the kind of guy to kick up a fuss.

He’d come in and keep his head down and his performances showed that he was more than capable of playing week in, week out.

It was a bit of a running joke as we started progressing through the rounds. We used to say that we needed to win so that Ben could get another game!

Jordan went back towards the end of the season so Ben did get some more time under his belt. He was a good guy who I enjoyed playing with – and quite sensible for a goalkeeper, which is unusual.

But he had his quirky jokes and if somebody got onto him, he’d always have a nibble back. Everyone knew he couldn’t help himself.


Darbs is Darbs, everybody has seen how he conducted himself throughout his time at Bradford. I loved playing with him.

You could play a full game and not have to say anything to him. He was always in the right place and you didn’t have to worry about him going walkabout or not concentrating.

Watching all the clips of the goalline clearances, he just had this knack of being there. First and foremost, he was just a proper defender.

It was a case of keeping the ball out the back of the net at all costs and anything else was a bonus.

Darbs had a good lively side to him off the pitch and was always involved when it came to having a laugh and a joke. He’d be on every night out, coming out for a couple – and still being there four or five hours later.

You look at the support he’s getting now with everything he’s going through. That shows the sort of person that he is and how everyone feels about him.


Dava was crackers, he’d put his head in where a lot of people wouldn’t. It gave me great confidence playing alongside someone like that.

We struck up a personal relationship as well, which always helps, and that reflected in our performances together.

It helped me grow and I used to joke that I did all his running because he only had one leg!

He was absolutely mad off the pitch and there was never a quiet moment with him about.

But that cup run was all about personalities. There was a lot of travelling and when you’ve got people like Dava keeping everyone on their toes, it was perfect for team spirit.

Everyone knows the ability he’s got from the level he had played at. That had a knock-on effect to push the rest of us on that step further.


Sheez was in and out the side but he could play left back and left-side centre back. Having a left-footer there was something we hadn’t had for a couple of seasons.

You could see his quality when we played Notts County a few years before with all the passes down the line. He was on penalties there as well, which is rare for a defender these days.

He was good in the air and wouldn’t shy out of things. I always knew that if the ball was there to be won, Sheez would be straight in.

He had his own quirky style and used to make me laugh. He’d leave a joke open and just wait for a reaction.

A lot of what he’d say would go over the head of some lads but it was funny. He was always in and around it.


Mez really was a space cowboy, I’ve never come across anyone like him.

One day he’d chat away, the next you’d just get a hello. You were wondering if he was all right or you’d done something wrong but that was just Mez.

But you get him on the football pitch and he was a hell of a player. It was phenomenal how much he progressed at the club.

He was struggling a bit with his fitness at first but Nick (Allamby) got him onside and you look at the transformation. He was non-stop, up and down for 90 minutes.

When he was with you on the planet, he was a good guy and just sat there laughing with everyone.


Lidds had amazing hair – I don’t think I’ve ever seen it move. It was always manicured well.

He must have spent so much time making sure nothing was out of place. It never even moved in games!

Lidds was versatile and you need that in a squad. He’d just get on with it regardless of where the gaffer asked him to play.

I remember him playing right back, centre back, midfield. It’s difficult being asked to play out of position sometimes but he never moaned.

He would never complicate things, he’d get stuck in and break it up. Players like Lidds go under the radar a little bit but he made everyone’s job a hell of a lot easier.