CITY have repeated their call for League Two’s bottom club to be relegated – or risk setting a “dangerous precedent”.

Grimsby and the Bantams are thought to be the only two sides who went against the majority view that nobody should go down.

It remains in the hands of the EFL, who hold another board meeting tomorrow, and the FA about how the division should be decided.

Clubs have already indicated unanimously that the season should be ended on financial grounds. But the idea of scrapping relegation for this year has divided opinion.

Grimsby chairman Philip Day said: “I was in the minority who did not agree that there should be no relegation.

“If we expected relegation from the Premier League, the Championship and League One, how could we justify no relegation from League Two?

“My view is that first the outstanding disciplinary proceedings against Macclesfield for their fourth failure to pay wages should be concluded. Then and only then could the final position at the foot of the table be determined and that the bottom team should be relegated.”

His opinion is shared by City, who insist their stance is nothing against Stevenage or Macclesfield – the two sides who are under threat of dropping into the National League.

“There is no self interest attached,” said City director of communications Ryan Sparks.

“Ourselves and Grimsby are united in upholding the integrity of not only League Two but the EFL as a structure. Our position will never change on that front.

“We believe the FA will have the final say in terms of structure, promotion and relegation, and the indicative vote that was cast could still be completely wiped off. It wasn’t an official vote.

“We’re told the Macclesfield situation will be concluded before anything happens. If that means another points deduction, that will probably send them out of the league.

“So be it, because as much as the players have given everything, and we found them worthy opponents when we played at Moss Rose, it has been a season to forget for them off the field.”

Macclesfield have already been penalised 11 points but are still three above bottom club Stevenage as it stands.

Sparks added: “We understand Stevenage’s point of view but they are not talking for the greater good. They want to survive.

“It’s fair that they can be aggrieved with the Macclesfield situation but in the same breath they’ve finished bottom of the pile – and behind a club who have suffered a points deduction.

“Stevenage, by their own admission, will surely accept they have had a disappointing season. They have been through several managers and failed to lift themselves from the bottom end of the table.

“Credit to Morecambe, they got a manager in who made a difference and battled on to turn it around.

“For what it’s worth, it’s nothing personal with Stevenage. They are one of our colleagues in the division and their owner is doing his best for his club.

“We take the neutral position that it’s irrelevant who is bottom but relegation has to happen. Otherwise the season should be made null and void.

“It’s not a pick and mix shop. If clubs are allowed to cherry-pick what they want, you will set a dangerous precedent.

“Say the Premier League take the same approach. Where’s that going to leave the Championship, League One and the EFL as a whole?”