CITY insist any grand plan to end the season must include promotion and relegation.

The Bantams, who are in ninth place in the suspended League Two, would not be directly affected at either end of the table.

But they feel the “integrity” of the competition would suffer if some teams went up without others going down.

City and other League Two heads are speaking to the EFL again at midday as the debate continues over the most satisfactory way to resolve a campaign that was stopped two months ago.

Different scenarios have been mooted – and they just hope that whatever is decided will include implications at the top and bottom.

City director of communications Ryan Sparks said: “It’s just about a conclusion, whether that means we are starting again or we’re not.

“We’ve always been quite neutral in our position on whether or not it’s right or wrong.

“The integrity is very important, as we’ve said before.

“It’s what they decide to do if they cancel the rest of the season – and I don’t think they’ll void it – and how they go about promotion and relegation.

“If you’re going to have promotion, you probably should have relegation. Otherwise, you are completely contradicting the whole process.

“There is no integrity to what you are doing and it’s just being selective. It’s got to be all or nothing.”

The EFL’s latest announcement to put back a possible return date for training to a week on Monday at the earliest has further limited the window to get the remaining games played.

Stuart McCall has already conceded that he does not anticipate they will come back and the club informed their players not to expect to be called upon.

But they remain in limbo until the EFL officially decide on their next step and find a way to sort out not just this season but how to start the following one.

Sparks added: “There was talk that maybe we don’t do relegation because that’s not fair. Well don’t do promotion then because I don’t think you can pick or choose.

“If you cancel the division, you put a full stop on the end of the sentence. You cross the T’s and dot the I’s and that’s it.

“There will be winners and losers, there will be casualties. But that’s sport and how it always has been.

“You can’t just take the competition element out of it, in our opinion.

“Rick Parry has been doing all he can on behalf of the EFL to maintain the integrity of the league and that has to remain at the forefront of their minds whatever they decide.”

The Championship are keen to play on like the Premier League but big questions remain with the lower divisions. Sparks insists League Two must be treated just as seriously.

“It’s an important division because it sits just above the trapdoor.

“Yes, the teams in it might not be as big or as successful as those above them but a lot have got the potential to be.

"Equally, they’ve also got the potential to be in the National League.

“That’s why the National League requires that kind of clarity.

“You’ve got Barrow who haven’t been in the EFL for years but they’ve put everything on the table to get out of the division and it’s worked. Is it fair to shut the door on that?"