HEATON Tennis and Squash Club is celebrating its 93rd year anniversary today.

The community organisation, based in the Highgate area of Bradford, was founded in the 1920s as a result of the amalgamation of the existing club, which was behind Manningham Mills Cricket Pavilion, and the Cunliffe Tennis Club in Frizinghall.

It was initially funded by the Leyland Estate Company which was set up by a number of Bradford businessmen. Enrico Fattorini led the company along with Eric Haygarth, Walter Crossland and Louis Smith.

The men each put in £500, and other members were required to buy one £5 share.

Fattorini was also closely involved with the building of St Bede’s School on the adjacent land, known as Bull Croft.

Originally there were nine red shale hard courts and three grass courts on the land.

In the thirties, the pavilion was added, while two squash courts were also built before the war.

A number of exhibition matches were held at the venue featuring the likes of three-time Wimbledon champion Fred Perry, as well as fellow British players Bunny Austin and Jack Chamberlain.

After the war, Fattorini and co. agreed to sell their shares to the club, receiving half a crown in the pound.

All courts were re-laid by 1948 and tournament play resumed.

Former All England appearance makers Evelyn Moeller and Barbara Behr were now the stars donning the courts in Heaton.

The club has continued to grow ever since and now boasts a range of outdoor tennis courts, complemented by indoor tennis, badminton and squash facilities as well as a gym, sauna and café.

They wanted to host a party to celebrate the anniversary but all plans have been cancelled until later on in the year. Although, there is hope that play can resume soon, even if it is just outdoors.