IN the latest edition of our look back through the T&A archives, here are five cricket pictures from years gone by.

Do you recognise yourself or anyone you know?

In our first photograph, Low Moor Cricket Club, pictured in September 1963, look very proud of their cricketing successes.

PICTURE ONE: Low Moor CC 1963 - Back, from left: T Crowther (scorer), B Kellet, M Price, G W Booth, G Walls, C Hargreaves, J Durkin (committee member). Front: D Sykes, K Willey, C Crowther (captain), R Fawcett, W Winn.

PICTURE TWO: Low Moor Holy Trinity 1985 - Back, from left: R F Firth (scorer), G Haley, K Overend, G Charlesworth, P Tetley, M Pulford, S Stokes. Front: P Rafferty, C Dunn, J Webster, B Habergham, G Walton.

PICTURE THREE: Pudsey CC 1964 - Back, from left: S Thrippleton, A Wilcock, J White, C. H. Wood, D Field, M Vickers. Front: S Sutherland, R Harrison, R. J. Parker (captain), A. D. Webster, A. G. Webster.

PICTURE FOUR: Pudsey CC 1978 - Back, from left: Dracup, Tindall, Robertshaw, Snow, Stilgoe, Meman. Front: Bairstow, Smith, Cass (captain), Allington, Ford.

PICTURE FIVE: Springfield Road Mission 1969 - Back, from left: E Northrop, J King, P Mell, R Barber, K McHugh, D Claridge. Front: P Smith, G Booth, B Topham, J Smith, R Claridge.