STUART McCall is waiting for the call to announce that League Two’s season is officially over.

The Bantams are involved in another video conference today with the EFL and clubs from the fourth tier.

EFL chairman Rick Parry has already warned that the league is facing a “£200 million hole” by September.

McCall still expects the Premier League to get their season done – but is convinced that City’s own campaign, which had nine games to run when football stopped in March, will remain incomplete.

He said: “I just can’t see us finishing the season at our level. You’ve got to be realistic.

“Because of the financial implications, I think they will find a way of getting the Premier League finished.

“But you see how things change daily with ideas like flying to Australia to play over there, which seems too far-fetched.

“For that to even be talked about shows that nobody has got a definitive answer.”

After two months of not knowing, McCall admits it will almost come as a “relief” if the decision is made to call a halt to League Two.

It is already becoming increasingly clear that fans are unlikely to be allowed back into Valley Parade or any other ground before the end of the year.

McCall added: “First and foremost, we’ve got to be guided by the government naturally on safety.

“But clubs at our level have to look at it from a financial point of view as well.

“It brings it home when you hear that even the top dogs are going to be stretched if this goes on for too long.

“Obviously, they’ve got great wealth and bring millions in but, equally, they will have millions in outgoings.

“Anyone who spends above their means, in this day and age, is going to struggle because of what’s happening.

“But when you hear about how it’s affecting the top clubs, then you can imagine what it’s going to be like at our level.

“For us to get back playing to finish the season, it will 100 per cent have to be behind closed doors. That does not generate any revenue.

“People talk about an iFollow subscription but it’s not going to create the sort of money you would get normally even if we get the okay to finish in a certain time, which I can’t see happening.

“Time is against us and finances certainly are because clubs would have to ‘unfurlough’ all the players while still not getting any income.”

City were in ninth place, four points outside the play-offs, when the action was halted on March 13.

They would not therefore be affected by any decisions taken on promotion or relegation – but McCall does not envy the governing body trying to come up with a solution.

“It’s a huge call for somebody to make,” he said. “Scotland have done it already and it’s caused a lot of problems with the way they did it because it’s obviously been poorly handled.

“There are going to be winners and losers any way you look at it.

“Up to a month ago, I was still hoping that we could come back. Maybe we’d have three weeks solid on the training ground and have a go at sneaking a play-off spot.

“But the longer time went on, I realised that wasn’t going to be the case.”