IN case you were hungry for more after yesterday, here are another five pictures from Queensbury’s cricketing past.

Do you recognise yourself or anyone you know?

Our opening image captures the Queensbury team of July 1976, who had just surprised everyone with a fine win over East Bierley.

PICTURE ONE: Queensbury 1976 - Back (from left): Mick Burroes, Ian Naylor, Dilwyn Watkins (captain), Glyn Rhodes, Terry McGuire, Harold Walton. Front: Ray Pickerill, Gary Soames, Chris Howes, Vic Fletcher, Reg Nelson.

PICTURE TWO: Queensbury 1981 - Back, from left: Brian Sunter, Tony Smith, Terry McGuire, Talish Butt, Neil Pearson, Shabir Ellahi. Front: Martin Dunne, Gary Soames, Glyn Rhodes (captain), Ali Zia, Tommy Carroll.

PICTURE THREE: Queensbury 1984 - Back (from left): G McLennon, G Rhodes, A Rauf, D Watkins, S Canes, P Madden. Front: C Howes, V Fletcher, C O’Rouke, B Sunter, D Ellis.

PICTURE FOUR: Queensbury 1985 - Back (from left): M Butterfield, P Madden, S Adams, B Sunter, D Butterfield, S Gaines, S Jasbir. Front: V Fletcher, C Howes, G Rhodes, C Marriott.

PICTURE FIVE: Queensbury 1987 - Back, from left: Yashin Ebrahim, Mark Ackroyd, John Spensley, Brian Lymbery, Trevor Smith, Kevin Rich, Malcolm Naylor. Front: Eddie Halliwell, Darren Raistrick, Stephen Whitaker, Andy Easby.