IN the latest edition of our look back through the T&A picture archives, we take a look at Queensbury Cricket Club, and its cricketing past. Do you recognise yourself or anyone you know?

Our first picture looks at the Queensbury team from 1964.

PICTURE ONE: Queensbury 1964 - Front, left to right: D Tordoff, D Keeton, J Moule (captain), D Dent, J A Burnett. Back: J Pinchun, D Brotherton, M Brown, M G Edwards, G Rhodes, E Broughton.

PICTURE TWO: Queensbury 1970 - Back row, from left: S Platt, J Hargrave, F Mackwood, E Sewescall, J Bartle, C Grunwell. Front: G Soames, D Howes, A Blundell (captain), G Rhodes, R Wood.

PICTURE THREE: Queensbury 1963 - Standing, left to right: A Moule, M Edwards, G Maloney, M Brown, E Senescal, D Keeton. Front: D Brotherton, E Broughton, P Jackson (captain), D Dent, D Tordoff.

PICTURE FOUR: Queensbury 1966 - Back row, from left: C Norfolk, E Brotherton, D Tordoff, J Moule, A Kingett, S Priestley. Front: M Edwards, J Pinchun, B Collier, G Maloney.

PICTURE FIVE: Queensbury 1969 - Back, left to right: M Akin, D Ormondroyd, G Rhodes, S Platt, C Grunwell, A Keel. Front: D Roberts, T Johnson, C Norfolk (captain), J Pinchun, D Howes.