IN the latest edition of our look back through the T&A picture archives, here are five football teams from years gone by.

Do you remember any of the players?

Our first picture features members of the Shipley Celtic side of 1994, in a somewhat informal team photo.

PICTURE ONE: Shipley Celtic 1994 - Back, from left: Russell Kitson, James Hodge, Paul Cowling, Darren Walker, David Scriven. Front: Scott Hird, Paul Lawenuk and Aaron Donahue.

PICTURE TWO: Scholemoor Albion 1994 - Back (from left): C Hizzett, S Holland, P Everett, P Dibb, G Movatt, N Grist, K Regan. Front: A Riley, N Smith, R Jennings, D Kitchman, C Cocksedge, M Jackson.

PICTURE THREE: Sedbergh (no date) - Front: Dave Phillips, Tony Munton, Phil Royle, Nigel Royle, Chris Stringer. Middle: Keith Royle (manager). Back: Dave Munton, Paul Taylor, Trevor Fieldhouse, Paul Sheeky, Jagjit Singh, Mark Roberts.

PICTURE FOUR: Shoulder of Mutton 1994 - Back (from left): S Cyzyewski, D Pullen, G Holmes, S Garside, S Lee, M Lee, U Hayat and M Lee. Front: M Pullen, D O’Hara, S Ryan, I Clarks and S McCarthy.

PICTURE FIVE: St Williams 1988 - Back (from left): C Miller, E Lupton, A Nunn, B Symonds, D Clark, S Rice, M Murphy, A Murphy. Front: S McGowan, S Hemingway, T Neville, R Pysarczuk, T Nunn.