IN the latest edition of our look back through the T&A picture archives, here are five cricket teams from years gone by.

Do you recognise yourself or anyone you know?

First up is the Denholme Clough side of 1986, who were beaten by Bradford Gymkhana in the Bradford Mutual Sunday School League Sir James Roberts Cup final.

PICTURE ONE: Denholme Clough 1986 - Back (from left): Michael Gration, Jim King, Mervyn Gration, Roger Banks, Stanley Firth, Barry Brook. Front: Nicola Bell (scorer), Mick Leach, Barry Holroyd, Jeff Lloyd, Howard Bell, Paul Horne, Rod Green.

PICTURE TWO: Clayton Methodists 1987 - Back (from left): Andrew Craddock, Lindsay Robertshaw, Ron Seed, Glen Pinkney, Paul Gill, Eddie Ruddock and Simon Taylor. Front: John Brock, Steve Booth, Tim Craddock, Ronnie Farley and John Dewhirst.

PICTURE THREE: Clayton Methodists 1989 - Back row, from left: Rod Seed, Ronnie Farley, Stephen Booth, John Dewhirst, Andy Craddock, Simon Taylor. Front: Alan Whitehouse, Lindsay Robertshaw, Paul Gill, Tim Craddock and Clive Ackroyd.

PICTURE FOUR: Clayton Methodists 1990 - Front, left to right: A Craddock, L Robertshaw, S Booth, M Silson, D Holland. Back, left to right: S Taylor, T Craddock, A Crow, S Laws, G Serop, A Wightman.

PICTURE FIVE: Clayton Methodists 1991 - Back row, from left: George Serop, Paul Rosier, Roman Chmilowski, Andrew Crow and Andy Craddock. Front: Lindsay Robertshaw, John Brook, Paul Gill, Eddie Ruddock and Simon Taylor.