CITY are ready to react to any “difficult decisions” as they continue to plot a way through football’s worsening situation.

The club have issued an update to supporters following yesterday’s meeting between EFL representatives and heads from League Two.

The governing body insist they are still aiming to complete what is left of the season on the pitch.

But the ongoing coronavirus lockdown means that the sport remains in a state of flux – as fears grow about how those in the lower divisions will be able to hang on financially.

City director of communications Ryan Sparks said: “Despite the wide range of reports circling in the media, the position of the EFL has clearly not changed.

“Contingency planning is being undertaken but, as things stand, we share the governing body’s desire to complete the season.

“That is, however, providing it can be done safely and without further harming football’s ever-worsening financial picture.

“Everything remains very much under review at governing-body level and that is the case for us at Bradford City.

“Difficult decisions could well be made across the board, in the coming weeks and months, and we as a club will have to respond accordingly.”

Those present at the meeting, via videolink, were asked to continue working towards previously-revealed plans to resume the season and bring it to an official end in July.

This will remain the case until at least the middle of next month as football awaits further information and guidance from the government.

“For most EFL clubs, certainly in the lower divisions, this is now about survival,” added Sparks.

“And there are concerns for those who entered this unprecedented period already in grave danger of financial collapse.

“There is not a great deal of clarity we can share at the moment, which makes life very difficult for the club and our supporters.

“We are doing all we can as a club to plot a path forward and ensure we come out of the other side of this troubling situation in the best-possible state.

“Our immediate thoughts are with families who have lost loved ones as a result of coronavirus.

“COVID-19 has already claimed thousands of lives and it is crucial everyone plays a part in limiting the continuing impact of the virus by adhering to government guidelines.”