IN the latest edition of our look back through the T&A picture archives, here are five more rugby pictures from years gone by.

Do you recognise anyone from these five teams?

PICTURE ONE: Bradford University 1986 - Back from left: MacLean, Maggs, Kennell, Roxborough, Webb, Head, Gysin, Vincent. Front: Shaw, Sheppard, Richardson (captain), Taggart, Stevens, Jarrett.

PICTURE TWO: Bradford University 1995 - Back, from left: Midgley, Gardner, Dobson, Bowles, Fiddler, Dickinson, Lovett, Boud, Wright, Rainey, Greenwood. Front: Halliday, Phillips, Womack, Payne, Broe, Lancaster, Fitton, Holroyd.

PICTURE THREE: Bramley 1962 - Behind (left to right): Robbins, Hainsworth, Baddelay, Cooper, Clough, Garside, Chamberlain. Front: Wilson, Quinn, Wrigglesworth, Murthick, Larkin and Rushton.

PICTURE FOUR: Bramley 1963 - Back row, left to right: J Hainsworth, A Crowther, A Jubb, L Kennedy, C Cooper, R Jarrom, T Carling. Front: M Elliott, B Wrigglesworth, B Davis, J Rogers, C Butterfield, C Heap.

PICTURE FIVE: Bramley RLFC 1950 - Back row: J Priestley, Edison, J Meegan, L Baldwin, J Rhodes, J Gibson, A Lazenby. Front: G Thompson, J Silverwood, D Bennett, D Warrior, S Pickering, Humphries.