DO you remember these teams from the past?

In the latest edition of our look back through the T&A picture archives, here are five rugby teams from years gone by.

Pictured first up, in 1974, is the Baildon Rugby Union Club first team squad, who finished the season with 15 wins, four draws and 16 defeats.

From left, back: Richard Wood, Peter Ward, Vince Clements, Richard Morris, Hennick Dubrodumow, Martin Heald, Billy Ronkowski, Alan Wrightman, Frank Griffiths, Chris Van Heel, Steve Burnhope and Donald Clark.

In front: Stewart Hetherington, Michael Whitaker, David Mitchell, Terry Wall, Jimmy Greaves, Richard Jennings, Michael Capper and Frank Guyers.

In the second picture, we have Baildon Rugby Club from 11 years earlier.

BAILDON RUGBY CLUB 1963: Back row, from left: Lindley, Duttine, Pennett, Ackroyd, Giles, Blackburn, Shuttleworth, Blackburn. Front: Lamb, Duckett, Pratt, Francis, Metcalfe, Craven, Wood.

Next up is a Bingley Grammar School team photo, but with no date given.

BINGLEY GRAMMAR SCHOOL (no date): Back row, from left: Jonathan Churchill, Adam Ross, Peter Southgate, Alan Dawson. Front: Ian Whitehead, Nicky Andrews, Richard Waterhouse.

Then we have a Bingley youth team picture from the early 90s for number four.

BINGLEY YOUTH ARLFC 1990: Back row, left to right: Pollard, Patterson, Kelly, Lawrie, Dobson, Haughton, Holdgate, Scholes, Spencer. Front: Sampson, Quirk, Smith, Wynn, Ellis, Sutcliffe.

Finally, we have a Buttershaw Upper School team photo from the following year.

BUTTERSHAW UPPER SCHOOL 1991: Back row, from left: Martin, Cooper, Helliwell, Padgett, Cooper, Pell, Hall, Hunter. Front: Rhodes, McMahon, Wilkinson, Brook, Wilson, Palmer, Ross.