SAM Hallas has promised Bulls fans: We won’t come back like slobs.

Bradford have not stepped on to a rugby field since running Super League opponents Wakefield close in the Challenge Cup on March 13.

There is no end in sight to the suspension of sport, as the coronavirus pandemic continues to sweep the country.

The Bulls players remain locked down at home like everyone else – limiting what they can do to stay in shape for the eventual return to action.

But Hallas insists that does not mean that John Kear’s squad will let themselves go during this extended period of inactivity.

He said: “It’s easy to think, ‘I won’t start yet, I’ll leave it til whenever’, because the season is at least X amount of weeks away from coming back.

“But we’re all pretty good at Bradford and keeping ourselves motivated. Before the lockdown, we were doing some light sessions in small groups away from the club.

“We are pretty keen with it and nobody has let themselves go. We’re all on Snapchat and everyone is out for a run or a walk.

“It’s tough because you’re obviously used to going in every day and training.

“You’re going from doing a lot of work all the time to not being able to do much now.

“When you’ve got a bit of time off, you’ve usually got access to the gym to do some weights and things like that. But literally everywhere is shut.

“You’re just having to make do with your own surroundings and make the best of what you can.

“You’ve still got to try to keep yourself in good nick because the season could restart whenever.

“But I don’t think anyone is going to come back a bit of a slob.”

Strength and conditioning coach Adam Simpson is not able to put the players through their paces at Tong, but he has maintained regular contact, with suggested drills and routines during the country’s self-isolation.

“We’ve got a group chat among the players and the strength and conditioning coach puts different sessions in there for us to follow,” added Hallas.

“It obviously depends on what kit we’ve got. Some boys have got weights at home, others haven’t, but he tailors the work to make sure we can stay in good nick.

“You’ve got to be ready, so you can’t afford to just let yourself go. All of a sudden, the games could start again and you’ve only got four or five days to get yourself back in shape.

“You’ve got to be prepared and do all you can to keep yourself right through this awkward period and we’re trying to do that.”

The regular banter flying around WhatsApp is also helping to keep spirits up and brighten the mood while everyone remains fed up with the current scenario.

The Bulls vice-captain said: “Stuff is firing in there all the time. I won’t tell you what goes in there but some of it is funny and does help keep you going.

“You’ve got to touch base like that. Because as well as missing the playing, it’s about being in the changing room and being around your mates every day.

“It’s not like you’re injured and everyone is carrying on around you. It’s the same for everybody right now.

“We’re all stood still and trying to do the best we can.”