JOHN Kear believes it is perfectly possible to run a proper rugby season this year – if they work from back to front.

The Bulls coach does not see an end to the current sporting lockdown any time soon. He predicts it could be up to three more months before they can step back on to the field.

In Kear’s eyes, that still leaves enough time for a meaningful 2020 campaign. But they have to lockdown the finish date first.

He said: “What they need to do is pick out a date which they have arranged with Headingley for the Championship Grand Final or Old Trafford or whatever.

“Then they need to work back from that to come up with a fixture formula.

“If I was in charge of the RFL, I’d look at November 28 as the Grand Final date for Super League, Championship and League One.

“Then decide what play-offs you have – it might just have to be first versus fourth and second against third to condense it and then the final.

“After that, you work back and have a fixture formula which fits in the time that is left.”

The Bulls were due to finish their Championship campaign on September 6 against Widnes.

Kear sees no reason why the season cannot be stretched until the end of November, although that would still mean cutting out some games from the schedule.

“I doubt very much we’ll be able to fit in everybody home and away because I honestly don’t expect us to get back until July 1,” he added.

“But maybe, for example, you could have all the Yorkshire teams in the Championship playing each other home and away and the Lancashire clubs doing the same. Then you could play the others once.

“It’s a bit like what they do in American football with the conferences and you’d still have a league table at the end of it.

“The only issue I can see from that is obviously relegated teams might say it’s unfair, because they haven’t played everyone home and away.”

As well as sorting out what happens with promotion and relegation, there is also the tricky scenario of the overseas teams.

Kear said: “I don’t see Toronto playing a game in Canada this year. As far as I’m concerned, they'll end up playing all of them in England.

“Catalans and Toulouse won’t be able to complete their fixtures, so they’ll probably have to be sat down for the year. But that’s just how it is.

“That’s a problem logistically but as far as the season itself goes, it’s easily solvable for me.

“You’ve then got all of December off for the players, you’re back in for a mini pre-season, before you start once again as the norm.

“This way, every week there would be income for clubs right the way through to the end of November.

“Instead of that stopping in September, you’d have two more months of money coming in.”

Kear would shelve the 1895 Cup because the fixture list is likely to be busy enough anyway.

“There could be the odd week when you’ve got to play twice with a Wednesday game. But that’s no different to having an Easter period.

“Obviously we won’t be playing this Easter, so you could maybe fit it around another Bank Holiday.

“I don’t think it’s that difficult. The big issue is relegation and promotion.

“For me, it would be better taking two from the Championship and we take two from League One, without any relegation.

“Next year, in Super League, you just play everybody home and away and get rid of these ridiculous loop fixtures.

“It’s a minor problem compared to society’s right now but it’s an easily solvable one.

“No matter what day you start back, you just organise when it will finish. It doesn’t need Einstein to sort.

“They should be laying in concrete the date of the Grand Final.”