THE key to success when it comes to training from home will be creativity, believes Yorkshire’s strength and conditioning coach Pete Sim.

The White Rose squad, like most professional sportsmen, have been forced to work from home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

And although it is not clear when things will start, Yorkshire’s players and staff still have a season to prepare for.

Sim said: “I am going to be sending out a plan for their training like we would normally do - Monday strength and speed, Tuesday conditioning, Wednesday strength and speed, etc.

“They can get into a routine instead of just waking up and thinking, ‘I’ll do some exercise today’.

“We hadn’t set that up straight away because we weren’t sure how long we’d need to do this for, but it’s looking like we’re in it for the long haul.”

Sim added: “It’s all about being creative with how I programme and they train, so it could be a case of using stairs, sofas or kitchen chairs as training tools.

“I don’t just want the lads to wait for me to give them guidance. I want them to come up with some ideas because they know their own environment.

“What I’m planning on doing is setting up a fast bowlers’ WhatsApp group, one for the batters and the spinners as well, because all of their respective programmes will be similar.

“They can post videos of what they’re doing and maybe some ideas of their own. ‘This is how I’m using my stairs’, for example.

“They can then maybe create a bit of a buzz around training instead of looking at it from a defeatist’s point of view.

“I found out all the equipment each of the lads have got at home - dumbbells, kettlebells, all stuff they have in their houses.

“I’m also assigning specific equipment (from the club) to each of the players.

“We can give them weights, plates, medicine balls and stuff like that and can then programme individually.”