LEE Novak cannot see a solution to football’s current lockdown that will be met with universal approval.

Talks continue between the Premier League, EFL, players’ union and League Managers’ Association to discuss when the season would be safe to resume.

No comeback date can be forecast with any certainty yet, as the coronavirus pandemic continues to bring the world of sport to a standstill.

City striker Novak, like every player, is consigned to keeping fit from home, with the training ground at Apperley Bridge shut down for an indefinite period.

He is waiting for a decision from the authorities – but does not expect it to go down well with everyone.

Novak said: “I don’t know what will happen. But whatever the outcome, it’s going to be impossible to please everyone.

“We’ve all got a different opinion. I saw what Harry Kane was saying about there being a cut-off point, because it then affects the plans for next season, and obviously the Euros have been put back.

“If they decided to make it null and void, that would open a can of worms with teams top of the league or in the relegation zone.

“There are going to be teams who maybe just want the season done, while others will be trying to carry on.

“We’ve just got to prepare for the fact that we are going to come back and play, whenever that may be.

“But we have no idea when we’re going to come through this.”

Novak only signed for City from Scunthorpe on deadline-day in January, on an 18-month deal. But just six weeks later, the season was suspended. He has scored twice in six appearances.

He added: “It is a weird situation but I suppose that’s the same if you’re in any job. Nobody knows when they are going to be able to come back.

“It’s obviously difficult because it’s normally pretty regimented what we do.

“We train so many days a week and have the same days off. It doesn’t really change and that will be the same for 90 per cent of the clubs, if not more.

“But everybody in the country is in the same boat.

“At the minute, the season is due to come back. We had planned for the end of April but I’m not sure that will happen.

“But you’ve got to keep yourself fit and in a positive mindset as if the season is going to start again, until we’re told otherwise.

“Every player will be doing the same thing. Mentally, it’s not easy, but you’ve got to get your head round it and make sure you keep yourself right.

“That’s what we are paid to do and would be doing in a normal week, so we have to stay positive that it will start again.”

Fitness coach Ben Rome continues to send over regular updates and routines to keep the squad motivated.

Novak said: “There’s always someone at the end of the phone if you need to speak to the club. You just have to keep the faith.

“The unknown is the worst thing. You see stuff in the papers that the season’s going to be cancelled and then that we’re going to carry on.

“Nobody knows when the virus is going to stop getting worse and we can get over it.”