Today, we're taking another look at some football teams from Bradford's past.

Do you recognise anyone from these team photos?

SALTS AFC 1993: Back, left to right: Andrew Finch, Paul Haggerty, Adrian Howard, David Strathie, Michael Watson, Nick Hey, Simon Baker and Jarrod Stoney. Front, left to right: Lee Pringle, John Poddle, Graham Meggitt, Daniel Goodyear and Kevin Ryan.

SALTS FOOTBALL TEAM 1995: Front, left to right: Tony Stewart, Andy Finch, Darren Norman, Kevin Ryan, Adrian Howard, Andrew McGregor, Lee Brook. Back, left to right: Mark Murgatroyd (manager), Ned Kershaw, Vincent Gott, Jason Stoney, David Jackson, Danny Willoughby, Brian Parker (secretary)

SALTS GRAMMAR SCHOOL OLD BOYS (no date): Front, left to right: Mark Bateman, Steve Reynier, Rhys Stead, Mark Briggs, Andy Crump, Ian Capper. Back, left to right: Rob Spinks, Paul Cullen, Jason Bentley, Lee Clapham, Greg Duke, Dave Armstrong, Darren Thornton, Paul Simpson, Karl Zanft (manager)