EXERCISE is an activity many of us neglect in our day to day life, with our work, family and social lives all bearing more significance.

However, during these times of uncertainty, two of Bradford’s biggest sports stars have come together to help others improve or maintain their fitness levels.

When Jordan Lilley isn’t producing the goods on the pitch for Bulls, he is assisting supporters in a different way, running his own gym, Lilley’s Fitness.

You can usually find his centre on Barnard Road heaving with people keen to lose some extra pounds, or put on that much-desired muscle mass.

Despite the gym having to close due to the country going into lockdown, Lilley and his team have taken their business online to continue to get people into shape.

The 23-year-old has taken to the gym’s various social media channels to post workouts and advice, as well as setting up a Whatsapp group for his members.

“We had to try and think of something new as we couldn’t get in the gym, so we have been doing some online programmes,” said Lilley.

“We have been able to build a nice little client base. People are really buying into it.

“You could quite easily during this time be sitting on the sofa not doing anything and start thinking negatively. You must be positive, that is what we try to do at Lilley’s Fitness, bring the community together as a team.

“Get through time by being active, out in the garden and getting a workout done.”

The Bradford half-back started the venture back in 2018 after a former teammate gave him some valuable advice.

“I was only thinking about rugby when I was at Leeds and didn’t have anything on the side,” Lilley added.

“I spoke to Jamie Jones-Buchanan and he asked me: ‘if rugby ended tomorrow what would you have?’

“It was a good point to make even though I was only 17 or 18, so I made it my mission to create my own little business.

“It has taken my mind off the rugby and helped me in life generally, as this is a family business.

“We are not trying to open a gym and make loads of money, it is about trying to better people and give people confidence in themselves.

“We have got a few people who have come who are struggling with anxiety. They are overcoming that by meeting people and making new friends.”

Bradford boxer Darren Tetley can be seen doing some of Lilley’s online workouts, and the rugby league star spoke about how the pair have formed a partnership.

He said: “I was doing some boxing classes at the gym and the guy who was running it said he could not do it anymore. So rather than have myself take over, I spoke to Darren and asked if he would be keen to come down and teach people.

“He comes down every week and the class love having a professional boxer helping them out.”

Tetley echoes the motives of Lilley during the crisis, believing that people can use these isolating times to bond with family and get themselves in better physical condition.

“A lot of people forget that you can workout from home,” said the former European champion.

“Jordan (Lilley) put out a 10-minute workout and it was brilliant, we had the plank challenge.

“A lot of people say I don’t have time to go to a gym but now you have to stay at home, this is the opportunity for people to do a bit of fitness and do things from home.

“It is amazing how many things you can actually do around your house. You can run up and down your steps for example.

“The next few days I am going to be doing my own challenges on social media and seeing if we can get people involved.

“I work full time and professional boxing takes up a lot of my time too, so now it is about using the time with my family.”

The duo have plans to carry on working with each other once things get back to normal.

Lilley said: “We want to go into schools and help out the naughtier kids to get them on a straighter path. That's one idea at the minute.

“Once all of this is done, I am sure you will see me and him do some more bits together.”

Kudos to the pair for continuing to spread a positive message in this difficult period.