THE Bulls look likely to follow Halifax and reduce wages for players and staff while the rugby season is on lockdown.

Players were informed over the weekend that the pay roll will be restructured because there is no income with everything on hold.

The club are expected to implement a system similar to the one brought in by Championship neighbours Halifax, who were the first to announce that cuts would have to be made.

That could see wages trimmed by 25 or 50 per cent in the short term, depending on whether employees are part-time or full-time.

Clubs across rugby league are being stood down on furlough leave, which then entitles them for payments through the government’s job retention scheme during the coronavirus crisis.

Staff on furlough will receive 80 per cent of their salary as part of the plan to protect businesses during this period of limbo.

Acting chief executive Mark Sawyer insisted the Bulls are trying to help staff as much as possible in the interim.

He said: “We’re intending to keep all our employees in a job at this moment in time.

“We’ve gone into furlough due to the business being locked down. But we are trying to protect our staff as best we can.

“A number of clubs are likely to go down this route.”

Sawyer took part in a conference call on Friday with other Championship heads and the RFL, who continue to lobby the government for a bail-out package to save the cash-strapped sport.

With no end in sight, rugby league is also hoping that broadcaster Sky will keep up their financial input.

“The call went okay in the respect that they are just giving us more and more information,” added Sawyer. “Things are changing all the time.

“All the RFL have told us is that they are in constant discussions with the government, who are coming back asking for more information.

“The government have been made aware of the importance of rugby league as a sport and within our communities.

“All clubs are waiting with bated breath for what the response is going to be.

“The situation is horrendous and an unprecedented one for everyone.

“We’re trying to get through all this and we are keeping our players and staff informed as much as we can.

“Everybody is hopeful the government will step in and offer us some assistance and that Sky will continue their support of the sport.

“But it’s in the hands of other people, so we can’t determine what they are going to do.”

RFL head Ralph Rimmer has already admitted it is “impossible” to predict when the season will be ready to resume.

John Kear and the Bulls coaching staff have been keeping in regular contact with the players while everyone remains at home.

Kear has spent some of his spare time going over his extensive notes from previous games and opposition.

He said: “You can look at your own records to see if there was anything that was really useful in the past you need to revisit.

“You can attempt to look at some fresh drills and study the rugby that has already been played.

“I’m trying to do a bit of work on each team.”