BRADFORD boxer Darren Tetley is relieved that he did not commit himself to leaving boxing as his only viable option of making a living.

With the coronavirus outbreak damaging businesses left, right and centre, the Holme Wood fighter can fall back upon the regular income he receives from his full-time job, rather than relying on sponsors for what he does in the ring.

Tetley is pleased that he stuck to working hard outside of boxing, especially in these times of difficulty, where other boxers are going to struggle financially.

He said: “I have had offers since I turned professional to train full-time and people would pay me, but I have always thought about my wife and time with my family.

“Are these companies going to pay you if you get injured? Probably not.

“This pandemic has happened, and if I was a full-time boxer would these sponsors be able to pay me? Because a lot of these companies are struggling to pay their own staff.

“I am one of the lucky ones who has a full-time job. Unless I have got a lot of money in the bank, I am still going to work and do my job.

“Boxing can end anytime or, once in a lifetime, stuff like this could happen. I know it is going to affect a lot of other boxers massively and it is really hard for them.”

The welterweight managed to squeeze his last fight in just before the government suspended all sporting events, knocking out Nicaraguan Arnoldo Solano inside two rounds at the start of the month.

After just signing for management company MTK Global, Tetley is disappointed that he can not kick on in 2020, but understands he is in a better position than others.

He added: “I was suppose to be back straight into the gym and be back out in April or May.

“Unfortunately that didn’t happen but I can’t really moan that I am not going to fight for another five months when there are people out there going through a much tougher time than me.”