JOHN Kear has welcomed Mark Sawyer’s decision to step up as acting chief executive at the Bulls during the current crisis.

The Dewsbury chairman has assumed the top role, as the sport battles the huge financial implications of the coronavirus lockdown.

Kear said: “I think there are only two clubs in the RFL who have not had county court judgments – and he runs one of them.

“Dewsbury haven’t had one since he’s taken over and if he runs Bradford with the same prudence then I’ll be absolutely delighted.

“He’s taken over at the worst possible time. We’ve just come out of the strife of the previous ownership, everything looked to be on an even keel then this has just wiped us out.”

Championship clubs will hold another conference call tomorrow as the RFL attempts to keep them in the loop.

Kear added: “It will be interesting what comes out of that.

“You’ve got to look at the bigger picture. You can’t become insular, although it’s easy to do that in the social situation that we are in.

“You’ve got to look outside that for the common good of society – and clubs have got to look for the common good of each other and the game.

“One of my irritants is that we were playing so well before this happened.

“We looked to be making progress on the field and off it.

“But we’ve had this curve ball thrown at us and we’ll have to survive and go forward when we regroup.”