STUART McCall reckons finishing the season behind closed doors could be the most practical solution.

The Bantams boss is keen to see the campaign played to an end whatever the length of time.

Football is currently on hold until April 30 with many insiders believing the game will not be in position to restart before June.

Even then, it could well be played without an audience as part of the on-going safety issues that are set to continue in the long-term.

McCall is no advocate of playing private games but accepts it could be the only answer with the pandemic.

He said: “You’ve obviously got to think about the financial side because that’s huge. We’ve got five home games left and it’s the same for lots of clubs.

“But there seems to be a little bit more financial help coming out, although I don’t know the ins and outs of it.

“That will make it easier for the staff and the payment of wages at the moment.

“Going forward, if playing games behind closed doors is the only solution for getting the season finished then it’s better than not doing it.

“Three weeks ago, I would have said never.

“But again, you try to make the best of a worst-case scenario, if that was the only way to get the season finished then start afresh once the virus has hopefully completely gone, then it might have to be done.”