MARK Sawyer has become the Bulls’ acting chief executive during the coronavirus crisis.

Sawyer, a part-owner at the club since the autumn takeover, has taken on the extra responsibilities while rugby league remains in lockdown.

Interim chairman Eric Perez will continue to assist him but he is currently confined to home in Canada.

And another of the club’s directors has been advised to go into self-isolation for 12 weeks because of a health issue leaving him vulnerable during the pandemic.

Sawyer is also Dewsbury’s chairman but the RFL have agreed to his appointment with the Bulls because of the exceptional circumstances.

The club had planned to appoint a full-time chief executive shortly and interviews were due to begin at the end of the month.

But that has now been shelved because of the potentially crippling financial implications of the current situation.

Sawyer said: “These are totally exceptional circumstances and I’m acting as chief executive of Bradford to get us through these troubles.

“I’ve had to do it because we need somebody in the management role.

“We’re obviously not going to be appointing a chief exec now. We were looking at doing interviews to appoint somebody but we can’t even think about that.

“The situation has evolved so much. It’s highly unusual somebody running two clubs but that’s just how it’s got to be.

“The RFL have allowed it because of these circumstances. You need a chain of command just to keep the club going.

“These are really testing times and I’m just taking over roles that other people had been covering because they aren’t in a position to do so now.”

The RFL continue to lobby the government for aid to help protect the sport during the lengthy period when clubs are receiving very little income.

Halifax have already announced that their staff, including players, must take a pay cut while there are no games being played.

It is understood the Bulls are reviewing their situation with regards to wages in line with government guidelines and will be keeping staff informed.

They are currently working from home after the offices at Odsal were closed for safety reasons. The club foundation has also been shut during the present problems.

“Everybody is just waiting to see what happens,” added Sawyer. “It all depends on what the government decides to do.

“They are going to have to step in and give aid to save the sport. That’s being realistic.

“The effects of this have been cataclysmic. Clubs play such a massive part in the community and people’s mental well-being.

“I’m sure the government absolutely accepts that. But nobody can say what’s going to happen.

“What's going on is just horrendous. But in the short term we’ve got to deal with priorities and ours is to look after our staff as best we can.”