JOHN Kear feels the Bulls staff are “battle-hardened” as they face up to more turbulent times.

Rugby league is not the only sport under serious threat because of the financial implications of the shutdown because of the coronavirus.

But clubs are facing a very worrying period as the RFL lobby the government for cash support to help plug the gap from the lost income before some potentially go under.

The Bulls are only just back on their feet after their autumn takeover following the overspending of the Andrew Chalmers era.

But having gone through that recent uncertainty, Kear believes the playing staff and the club’s office workers are well equipped to deal with more.

He said: “We’ve spoken very honestly to the players. I think they appreciate the openness and hopefully we can go forward from that.

“The staff have become battle-hardened from before.

“It is very worrying and not just in rugby league.

“I know the great God of the Premier League are okay but I think any football club from the Championship downwards might well be in a similar situation to what we are.

“One thing nobody can say this time is that it’s down to the owners. I think they can certainly be absolved from any blame whatsoever.”

The season has been halted for now until April 3, although the suspension is likely to be extended as it has been with football.

The Bulls are scheduled to visit Toulouse on May 2 but with the restrictions currently far heavier in France, Kear wonders whether the French team will be allowed to play.

He added: “There’s going to be a question mark about Toulouse.

“We might be able to start playing in England in April or May. But I doubt it will be quite as simple to travel to France or for the French teams to come here.

“They might have to be kicked out, I don’t know. We’re all in the unknown.”