ISLE of Man Senior TT winner in 2019, Dean Harrison, has swapped his bike for a mic with his own podcast, Dean’s Debrief.

The Bradfordian, who was a pupil at Hanson School, has been inspired by the likes of That Peter Crouch Podcast and Jimmy Anderson’s Tailenders, which have seen two successful sports stars turn their hand to a radio show.

Harrison’s podcast takes a light-hearted look at his life, with the intention of finding out what makes a leading road racer tick, and giving listeners an insight into what it is like being a professional sportsman at the top of his game.

Commenting on his podcast, Harrison, who earlier this month was crowned Sportsman of the Year at the 2020 Bradford Sports Awards, said: “Road racing’s my job, but unlike most people, I get cheered when I turn up to work and do my job well.

“There’s lot of interest in what a sportsman’s working days involve and this is a really good way of letting people know what being a road racer is all about.

“So far we’ve covered what fills my off-season days; how it felt to win last year’s Senior TT and achieve one of my biggest goals; and answered a load of really good and some really stupid questions posed by people on social media.

“I’ve also let slip I don’t like badminton or doing the dishes, and stupidly agreed to let listeners challenge me at something they reckon they can beat me at.”

The podcast is available to download on the majority of music and podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes), Google Podcasts and Spotify. It is hosted on Audioboom at:

Three episodes of the podcast have been recorded so far (you can listen to them all via the link above) and a fourth is due very soon.

Harrison’s co-host, Daniel Kennedy, added: “I was only introduced to road racing a couple of years ago and so am coming at things from the angle of being an excited new fan of the sport.

“As a result, I don’t want to dwell too much on the technical and mechanical aspects of things, but more what goes into being a professional sportsman and what makes Dean tick.

“The Peter Crouch and Jimmy Anderson podcasts give an amazing insight into what being a professional footballer or cricketer is all about, and hopefully Dean’s Debrief can do the same for road racing.”

Dean’s Debrief is recorded at Drystone Radio – a not-for-profit, community radio station and registered charity that broadcasts around the Craven areas of Yorkshire.