Dear Sir,

It’s not easy but let’s attempt to be constructive about Bradford City’s woeful away days.

Personally, I’ve seen many away games this season, including Mansfield, Oldham and Salford.

I don’t agree with nasty abuse that is sometimes hurled by some Bantams fans but totally agree at supporters being disgruntled. They pay their money and should have their say but give it some thought and whilst not the soft option just some polite advice that’s as clear as the nose at the end of your face.

Admittedly, my friends and me are of ‘a certain age’ – out of the ‘old school’ when players were allowed to tackle. City’s players seem to have taken things literally and standing off opponents at least saves them a booking – but let’s look at the Salford game.

It didn’t take long for several of us pensioners to shout; ‘give Gibson a tackle’ (well something akin to that) - no, not a peep from one player. Now the old school players would have sussed it in a breath and in no uncertain terms made their feelings clear to team mates. What is mystifying is why Darren Gibson could strut around in arrogant fashion without so much as a ‘word in his ear’ or a ‘dig’ in one way or another! As for Ashley Hunter, as reported by Simon Parker, the man that scored a brace with ease was as free as a bird on the park without so much as a murmur.

We’ll leave individual names out, simply for the benefit of politeness as I’m sure City’s lads are a ‘nice bunch of guys.’

The eagle-eyed depressed City supporter may have noticed that at the half-time break at Salford the leisurely warm up by the City substitutes witnessed at least a couple of wide grins and plenty of smiles and two of those were very experienced players. By all means, enjoy your football – but the ‘old school’ would have been finger pointing, chest thumping and fist clenching.

Every single fan can tell Stuart McCall what he needs and I would imagine he knows exactly what is required.

But for what’s it is worth – three giants down the spine of the team (not just tall but physically effective), an engine room midfielder that doesn’t twist and twirl in fine fashion but tackles with venom and when in receipt of the ball gives a ‘forward’ pass that means something – or may be even a few shots at goal - and what’s wrong with a head down merchant? Didn’t we all love Jamie Lawrence as an example.

And include in the team several vocal players who may be even feared, which wouldn’t be a bad idea – the late great Bill Shankly, he of Liverpool fame, said you can only have one marionette in your side! Hmmmm say no more City!!!

Best regards, Kevin Mitchell,

Threelands, Birkenshaw, BRADFORD