All the latest news for the local angling scene


Despite the doom and gloom of the coronavirus, the annual presentation went ahead as normal. Roger Smith took top honours with three trophies - The Harry Kitchingman Memorial Shield for heaviest fish caught in Irish waters with a 40lb Tope, The Park Trophy for best specimen caught on main line less than 30lb and Clubman of the Year.

Paul Lonsdale won two trophies - The International Shield for heaviest fish caught in foreign waters with a 30lb Dorado and the Ken Boys Memorial Trophy with a 38lb halibut. Jim Robinson also won two trophies - the Carter Cup for best specimen on any trip and the Hill Trophy for best specimen where the record is less than 10lb, a poor cod of 12oz.

Two trophies went to Dave Kitchingman - The Species Trophy for the most species caught in the year, 21, and the Martin O'Donnel Species Trophy for the most species in Irish waters, 21.

Ralph Jones won the Forrward Trophy for the biggest cod caught out of Whitby, 4lb. Mark Robinson won the Clayton Tray best specimen on a day trip, a 28lb Tope. Steve Smith won the Bob Lawson Memorial Trophy for best cod caught anywhere on a club trip, 24lb 2oz.

Stuart Lambert won the Jim Conner Memorial Trophy for best specimen in Scottish waters with a pollock of 17lb 5oz. Peter Higgins won the Tope Trophy with 42lb.


Due to the coronavirus and subsequent advise from the government regarding social gatherings, the AGM on Thursday 26th March has been cancelled. We will post a brief summary of the points that were going to be discussed at the meeting on our facebook page for members who have access. Please note books for the new season will be printed shortly and should be available from 1st May, there is no price increase.


M Oxley has been appointed as a watcher on the canal. The watchers will be out in force in the coming weeks.

The coarse season ended on a quiet note with very few anglers out and those that fished only had sparse results.

G Reeday has just been released from hospital and best wishes are extended for a speedy recovery.


The coarse season on rivers has now ended. Several work parties are planned in the near future when volunteers will be required, details to come. Last weekend a lot of work was completed at Knotford. The match held at Kippax Park on Tuesday on Lapwing was won by R Thomas 65lb 2oz. 2 A Gallant 43lb 2oz, 3 J Brogdan 28lb 5oz.

Saturday's match was won by R Clark 41lb 5oz, 2 M Rockingham 18lb 15oz, 3 M Wade 11lb 15oz.

Wednesday's match, fished on all of the lakes on Moormonkton Pools, was won by A Gallant 35lb, 2 G Towey 22lb 10oz, 3 P Lofthouse 22lb 10oz, 4 G Rhodes 22lb.

Sunday's match was won by G Watson 30lb 9oz, 2 A Hornsby 27lb 5oz, 3 A Warren 22lb 12oz.


Rivers are now closed for all fishing until March 25 when the trout season opens for fly, worm and lure fishing only.

Members are reporting improved catches on the canal especially around the boats at Crossflatts.

The Aire Rivers Trust are cancelling all volunteer events until further notice.