In the latest edition of our look back through the T&A picture archives, here are six Bradford Grammar School rugby union teams from years gone by.

Do you remember any of the players?

BRADFORD GRAMMAR SCHOOL 1960: From left, back row: D. G. M. Brown, J. H. Birkett, C. P. Carter, E. Shuttleworth, P. J. Keep, D. J. Riches, A. E. Cropper, M. J. Whittles. Front: J. O. Arnold, F. J. Chapman, S. G. Peel, J. B. Creak, J. M. Cowman, M. R. Atkinson and J. A. Smith.

BRADFORD GRAMMAR SCHOOL 1986: Pupils, back row from left: A. Webster, J. A Southard, A. M. Harrison, Ravenscroft, R. Midgley, T. Steiger, T. Rawlins, J. Allan, A. Whiteman, M. Rusden.

Middle row: D. Whitfield, C. Elliott, J. Hartley, P. booth, R. Mitchell, M. Clayton, M. Savage, P. Grover, S. Smith, T. Kennedy.

Front row: W. Foster-Carter, D. Forrester, D. Roberts, J. Robertshaw, A. J. Mounsey, M. Hendry, T. Walton, R. Benson, J. Rawlins. Coaches left, are C. Lines and C. Atherton and right, M. Roden.

BRADFORD GRAMMAR SCHOOL 1982: Back row, from left: J. Proctor, D. Adams, R. Snowden, M. Horrocks-Taylor, R. Basham, P. White. Front: M. Adams, J. Georgiou (captain), G. Hewitt.

BRADFORD GRAMMAR SCHOOL 1963: Back, left to right: I. B. Cockburn, P. H. Taylor, R. P. A. Crossley, C. A. Palmer, D. S. Luxton, P. G. Bennett, R. W. D. Bellman.

Front left to right: H. N. C. Mawson, S. B. Weir, J. R. Mountain, B. Craven (captain), C.J. Hall, R. A. Patten, P. A. Bracewell.

BRADFORD GRAMMAR SCHOOL 1965: Back row from left: Roger Crossley, Jack Ashforth, Neil Smith, Simon Davies, Peter Bennett, Peter Sykes, John Smith, David Luxton.

Front: Stuart Verity, John Downes, Stephen Willet, Roger Bates, Paul Taylor, Keith Lawson, John Baker.

BRADFORD GRAMMAR SCHOOL 1973: Back row from left: R. S. Wacker, R. A. Charlton. J. D. Chantry, I. C. Widdop, I. Lindley R. R. Hawley, M. S. Keighley, M. S. Huggin.

Front: M. S. Ashley, N. J. G. Peet, P. G. Woodhead, M. A. G. Peet (captain), J. C. Dobson (Vice-captain), S. N. Kirkby, P. Call.

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