CITY have welcomed the EFL’s stance to finish the current season and the financial rescue package drawn up to safeguard clubs.

The EFL board meeting yesterday outlined their determination to let the campaign run its full course.

They also announced a £50 million short-term relief offer to help with cashflow problems while the game remains suspended because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Bantams backed the EFL’s determination to play out the full 46-game programme, however that can take place.

“We are very keen to finish the season,” said City director of communications Ryan Sparks. “We absolutely do not support any movement to void the season.

“It would be unfair at every level for pretty much every club in the Football League, certainly the vast majority who are still in the mix at both ends of the table.

“We obviously welcome the finance package which provides a bit of comfort and protects the integrity of the competition.

“Not that we were in any position of strife but it certainly helps in terms of cashflow without games.

“Governing bodies are there to govern. The EFL have led on behalf of the clubs in this instance and it’s been pretty impressive to see.

“They have no doubt had very little room to manoeuvre following the incidents at Arsenal, Chelsea and Everton, which led to the games being postponed and the season suspended. I don’t think they had much choice.

“But everyone’s quick to criticise governing bodies and I think they deserve a bit of respect for doing what is without any question in Bradford City’s mind the right thing.

“They have answered two big questions – how they would finish the season and how they would support any club facing financial difficulty.”

The EFL’s pledge comes ahead of today’s Premier League meeting when the picture is expected to become clearer about how domestic football plans to start again.

Fixtures have been suspended until April 3, although it appears unlikely the season will be able to resume so soon.

Sparks added: “We are in unchartered territory. There is no user manual for any governing body with this or how any club should work.

“They are controlling what they can control.

“Nobody can guarantee that we are going to restart in two weeks. It’s our belief that we probably won’t.

“The coronavirus outbreak is an ever-changing picture and they are trying to not react to it as far as they can.”