FAMILIARITY is helping the Bulls get to grips with their new Dewsbury base, according to John Kear.

His side are preparing for a fourth game in five at the Tetley’s Stadium this weekend against Sheffield Eagles.

The Bulls relished the conditions at Bower Fold as they raced into a fast start in Sunday’s first win of the season over Oldham.

But Kear insists they will have no issues with adapting to the narrower confines of Dewsbury after playing there so much in the opening month.

He said: “We looked a completely different rugby league team in the first half hour (against Oldham) because it was a good surface to play on and it’s a bit wider.

“It suited us much more and there was a bit more ball movement.

“But obviously we’re playing where we are and we’ll adapt to that and do well over the course of the season.”

“When we entertain Sheffield, the last three games prior to the Oldham one away will have all been at Dewsbury.

“We should feel at home and comfortable there and consequently it should be to our advantage playing there.

“They have made us very welcome and we’ve got to be very appreciative of that. It’s coming to feel more and more like our home.”

George Flanagan, who played for the Rams earlier in his career, insists the team have no issues.

The Bulls hooker said: “We’ve had two home games plus the friendlies and people are getting used to playing on that tight-knit pitch.

“We’ve got a tough set of forwards who are experienced like Steve (Crossley) and Engy (Anthony England) and they are leading us out. We’ve also got Sam Barlow to come back yet.

“Everyone is buying into being at Dewsbury and just getting on with it.

“Give us a grass pitch to play on and we’ll play rugby anywhere. That’s the attitude we’ve got.”