YOUNG Bradford Bulls second row Brad Gallagher owned up to a bad individual start in his side's 22-0 Challenge Cup win over Underbank Rangers on Sunday, but said he knew he could not let it get on top of him.

In the opening 20 minutes, Gallagher knocked on in the tackle, conceded a penalty and dropped the ball with the try-line at his mercy.

But he got his head down to put in a solid enough final hour and said afterwards: "We're in a professional game and to be professional, you've got to get over those errors. They're going to happen in this wind and on a boggy pitch.

"It's just about reacting, not getting yourself down about it and just carrying on with the rest of the game.

"It was very early on in the game that I made those errors and I had about 60 minutes left to play. It's all about getting your mentality back focused on the game and making up for them errors."

He was impressed with Bulls' non-league opponents too, saying: "Underbank really brought it to us. They were full of enthusiasm and energy but we had to react better to a lot of their things.

"They upped their game and were playing better than us for the majority of it to be fair."

Asked about the minor skirmishes that Underbank were often guilty of starting, Gallagher said: "They were full of energy and stuff.

"They were going to be like that, wanting to drag you into it. But our focus was to not get dragged into it, focus on the game and get the win, which we did.

"But we've still got to improve on our performance."