THE Horsforth and District Motor Club managed to run the second Simon Green Championship trial at the Oakwood Offroad Centre at Tong on Sunday.

Their persistence paid off big time with 72 starters competing in three classes plus seven small wheelers who rode a six section course.

Ten sections and four laps tested the main course contender, where Manchester's Andy Cripps headed Bradford's Keiran Child and new Inter grade competitor Will Tolson.

Clubman A attracted the largest entry with Howard Gulley heading 24 other contenders.

Otley girl Ruby Lawrie rode her Oset machine in the Clubman B category and completed the course on an electric powered machine.


Expert course

Experts: Andy Cripps 6, Kieran Child 8 (All Beta).

Inters: William Tolson (Beta)16, Anthony Ayrton (Monyesa) 18, Ben Butler

(Sherco) 47.

Novices: Richard Mellon (Vertigo) 18, Jonny Chambers (Vertigo) 21, Paul Kettlewell (Sherco) 22.

Over 50's: Andrew Jackson (Gas Gas) 21, Steve Fowler (Beta) 39, Kevin Alderson (TRS) 57.

Youth Class A: Max Chadwick (Beta) 20, Harry Mcloughlin Beta) 46.

Youth Class B: Charlie Cripps (Beta) 53.

Clubman A:

Novices: Steve Currey (Gas Gas) 14, Paul Wright (TRS) 25, Lance Codner (Beta) 28.

Over 50's: Howard Gulley (TRS) 14, Mark Chippendale (Gas Gas) 15, Simon Green (Beta) 20.

Youth Class A: Lucy Ayrton (TRS) 55.

Youth Class B: Arran Sherwin (Beta) 47.

Youth Class C: Harry Cripps (Beta) 44.

Clubman B:

Novices: Paul Bell (Sherco) 5, Matthew Clark (Sherco) 7, Lee Moorhouse (Beta) 8.

Over 50's: Nigel Wallis (Gas Gas) 0, Mark Grant (Beta) 2, Jed Fallon (TRS) 5.

Pre 65: Andrew Greenbank (James) 6, Keith Normington (BSA) 11, David Brogden (BSA) 22.

Youth Class B: Charlie Petty (Beta) 14

Youth Class C: Oliver Petty (Beta) 20, Ruby Lawrie (Oset) 48.

Small wheels hard: Koby Smith (Beta) 7.

Small wheels middle: Oliver Richardson 35, Charley Jennings 36, Will Neuman 56. (All Oset).

Small wheels easy: Tate Croft (Beta) 46, Jacob Smith (Beta) 50, Ellis Mitchell (Oset) 105. *

* A novice and beginner's championship trial at Howden Wood, Silsden, took a major hit from the weather on Saturday.

Despite the weather forecast, clerk of course Anthony Ayrton of Barnoldswick and his crew managed to layout eight suitable sections in the woodland area at Bradford and District Motor Club Manywells Garage sponsored trial.

One man who volunteered to mark out and then compete was Manywell Garage director Stephen Wilde, who probably reflected on doing MOT work instead of being cold, wet and fatigued.

He survived the course then did the clean-up operation. The day ended as it started, bitterly cold with a artic wind and some rain.

Richard Pearson of Skipton won the novice class, beating Cullingworth's Robin Luscombe and Richard Howden.

Skipton's Josh Pearson won Youth Class B as Barlick's Lucy Ayrton finished second. Ethan Chapman won Youth Class A.


Novices: Richard Pearson (Beta) 26, Robin Luscombe (Triumph 33, Richard Howden (Vertigo) 33.

Youth Class A: Ethan Chapman (Scorpa) 14.

Youth Class B: Josh Pearson (Beta) 30, Lucy Ayrton (TRS) 72.

* The numbers were down at arctic Dob Park on Sunday morning where the Yeadon-Guiseley Motor Club staged their second club championship trial for just 38 competitors.

Danny Cockshott and Andrew Carter laid out a full main course in Brown's Wood where 12 mild sections tested the field.

Some new climbs in the east end of Browns did test the contenders. The streams at the west end of the estate were green and slippery.

The conditions suited Team Hemingway. Both Harry and George seemed to fly their Beta machines over any obstacles. Only North East Centre visitor John Crinson and Embsay trials instructor Aran Drachenberg managed to keep in touch.

Fewston electrician James Noble switched on the style to run away with Clubman A while Rob Hardisty took Clubman B without the aid of his mate Phil Hammond who was having a day off.

Only six small wheelers surfaced and rode in the quarry hole at the east end of Dob where the temperature was sub-zero.

The Crabtree boys, Bobby and Jimmy, won the hard route class while Josh Dent bossed the mid-course.

The Carlton youngster now has handlebar levers he can reach as easy as the twist grip.


Championship course

Experts: John Crinson (Montesa) 15, Aran Drachenberg (Beta) 27, Jack Chapman (Gas Gas) 77.

Inters: Danny Cockshott (Montesa) 63, Louis Haley Montesa) 72.

Novices: Richard Fraser (Sherco) 92.

Youth Class A: Harry Hemingway (Beta) 12, George Hemingway (Beta) 36.

Clubman A:

Novices: Jimmy Noble (Montesa) 13, Paul Gravestock (Scorpa) 30, Chris Jones

(Sherco) 34.

Youth Class B: Charlie Crosland 60, Jasper Fox 78. (All Beta).

Clubman B:

Novices: Andy Cobb (Beta) 89, Saul Nyland (Beta) 137.

Over 50's: Rob Hardisty (Sherco) 5, Neil Gaunt (Vertigo) 10, John Maxfield (BSA) 16.

Small Wheels hard: Bobby Crabtree 5, Jimmy Crabtree 7. (All Beta).

Small Wheels medium: Josh Dent (Beta) 27, Aiden Richardson (Oset) 53, Allan Eagleton (Oset) 60.

Small Wheels easy: Adam Carter (Oset) 67.