STUART McCall has no plans for now for a quick catch-up with James Vaughan.

But the City boss insists that it is not a case of “out of sight, out of mind” with the experienced striker, who remains the club’s top scorer on 11.

Vaughan was loaned to Tranmere in the final week of the transfer window by Gary Bowyer.

He has played four games so far for the League One strugglers, who are yet to score in that time, and has been subbed in the last three.

McCall has not had the chance to get in contact with City’s former captain – and any conversation will have to wait.

McCall said: “I haven’t spoken to James yet and I don’t expect to be doing it in the near future anyway.

“I’m only focusing on the here and now and there are lots of things going on at the minute.

“At present, James isn’t the future for the next 13 games.

“But obviously he’s got two more years on his contract and he’s a top goal-scorer at most levels, certainly at this one.

“I’m just dealing with the people we’ve got in the football club at the moment. It’s been so hectic with the game the other night, watching that back and looking at Cambridge.

“Once it settles down a bit and we go Saturday to Saturday again, I’ll have a bit more breathing space. But for now it’s been that busy.”

McCall admits he has picked up a “bloated” squad with the high number of players. He has knocked back offers for free agents as he gets to grips with what he has got.

“I’ve had agents come on to me with half-a-dozen free transfers,” he added.

“But it’s unfair on the people that are here to bring anybody else in. I’ve got to have a look at what we’ve got here ourselves.

“We’ve got capable players who are not in the team at the moment.

“When I talked about lacking a little bit of quality in certain things, they can provide that.

“There are all different ways to win a football game.

“It might be just fighting, endeavour and scrapping one week and then you might need a bit of top quality. You need everyone to be ready.”