KEIGHLEY Cougars are now set to play their Challenge Cup Third Round home game with Newcastle this Saturday, instead of Sunday, thanks to Storm Dennis.

The clash was due to take place last Sunday, but Storm Ciara put paid to any hopes of that.

But with a new storm on the horizon, it is felt that playing this Saturday, rather than the following day, will give the game more chance of going ahead.

The RFL have liaised with Cougars and Thunder in making the decision.

The kick-off time (3pm) and admission prices remain the same as they would have done for Sunday, but in the event of the game being postponed on Saturday, it has been agreed that the game will be played next Wednesday at Kingston Park in Newcastle instead.

*Please note: This news came in after the Keighley News print deadline, so ignore the date in there (which still has the game being played this Sunday).