BRADFORD & Bingley Rugby Union Club remain confident Sunday's floods won’t affect their first team’s fixtures at Wagon Lane as they deal with the fall-out from Storm Ciara.

The Bees' pitch was submerged after the River Aire burst its banks following heavy rain at the weekend.

But one piece of good news for the North One East team is their next home match is not until Saturday, February 29 when they host Morley.

The clubhouse and indoor net facilities used by Bradford & Bingley Cricket Club at the Wagon Lane base were also damaged by the wet weather.

The club yesterday appealed to volunteers to help out as the clean-up operation began following the second major flood there in five years.

Bees press officer Nick Patterson said: “We have had to cancel functions and we can’t really do anything until all the water goes, then we can pump it.

“Obviously, we cannot train on the pitch and the second team won’t be able to play on it.

“It is all dependent on the weather and if we have more downfall which could trickle down the hill. It is nowhere near as bad as last time when all the kitchens were flooded.

“Last time there was a lot of sewage on the pitch whereas this time I think it is just tree branches and general rubbish.

“At the moment we are just guessing, and fingers crossed that the weather holds out.”

Ilkley Rugby Union Club has also been affected by the treacherous weather, with the pitch becoming completely flooded.

Head of Rugby Rhys Morgan was forced into cancelling his fundraiser, a curry night, which was set to host over 100 people.

He said: “Sunday night we had an event where 105 guests were coming, and we had to call it off to make sure the food was not cooked and ruined.

“We have had to reschedule and we were disappointed about that.

“It (the pitch) is pretty wet. We hope we can deal with it with our experience and good drainage.

“We are optimistic that it will get back into shape fairly sharpish.

“The first team are away this weekend so I am hoping that there should not be any long-term damage.

“Having seen it happen before, it will be fine, but it will just take a bit of time as the rain keeps coming.

“Hopefully there won’t be any permanent damage, I don’t think it has got into any of the buildings which is lucky.”

Clubs are desperately hoping for a clearer spell of weather but with Storm Dennis forecast to hit the UK this weekend, there is the prospect of further heavy rain.