BRADFORD (Park Avenue) chairman Gareth Roberts has admitted that there is no plan B if his ideas to renovate Horsfall are not passed by the Football Stadia Improvement Fund (FSIF) on March 26.

Roberts and his new-found team of full-time Stadium Operations Manager Mark Leadbeater and Director of Development Colin Wilson outlined plans to form The Horsfall Community Sports Hub Project at a fans forum on Friday.

The idea would be that Avenue would share Horsfall's facilities with Bradford Athletics and West Bowling A.R.L.F.C. meaning the football club could share its costs around while generating more revenue at the same time.

The new facilities on offer include a new 3G pitch, a new hospitality block, a new perimeter fence for security purposes, extra floodlights and more changing rooms.

All of this of course comes at a cost which is why Roberts hopes to bring West Bowling on board once the FSIF agree to fund the the £1million project.

Attention to expand Avenue's academy is also on the agenda to breed the next generation on the pitch and in the stands.

Roberts believes it is a must that he can go through with his intentions to help Bradford become a sustainable club.

He said: "The gameplan is with help from the football stadium improvement fund and West Bowling that we can make the few improvements for the football club in the future to become sustainable.

"We have got new lights, a 3g pitch, a new hospitality building with changing rooms underneath, all planned.

"All of that will cost about £1.2 million. Our plan is get all the parties involved to get that paid for.

"We don’t have a plan B because we want them to realise that we need this. We still could play, just the club couldn’t develop and the budget would be nasty.

"We are making fundamental changes that have never been seen before. The club hasn't had a home, it has been squatting here for the last 15 years.

"We will look back and say this was a pivotal year, not because we have won the league, but because we have made the changes which will allow the club to be sustainable in moving up the table.

"If we can get 800-1000 people in here on a regular basis then we can go places."

Wilson has a background in teaching sports coaches and was recommended to Roberts by another Vanarama National League North club.

Having been involved in the project since November, he provided more in-depth details about the plan and thinks it is crucial that Avenue becomes an efficiently run club.

Wilson said: "He (Roberts) said to me I want you to spearhead and coordinate what is going on.

"It is about community and the stadium as a hub. Can we make your experience better and improve facilities to make it sustainable?

"On our own, the expenses of running this place means there is not enough money left to go into Mark Bower and his team.

"Gareth (Roberts) is putting in a lot of money but there will have to be half a million from the Rugby Football League (RFL), the stadium fund and West Bowling.

"West Bowling based here, share the costs and have a stadium operating company indirectly. Avenue end up better because their costs go down. Everyone will make a contribution to make the company work."

He added: "Avenue will keep its own gate money and share the bar with rugby and a security fence to be in place, card entry open to the public but controlled by the stadium.

"We want 300, 400 kids playing in our shirts. We could handle 150 students in our academy. It is very important that we do all these things.

"We should have 2000 people coming through this stadium a week, sponsors should be more interested. We would have a hospitality suite with bar and kitchen.

"The pavilion is in a poor condition and cannot be refurbished because it is not big enough. It only has three changing rooms, we need four and rugby need six.

"Nothing is written in stone, a number of partners still need to come together. The last piece of the jigsaw is the Football Stadia Improvement Fund, they have their panel meeting, everything else will be in place by then."

Former Bradford Bulls stadium manager Leadbeater will lead the hub if the plans go ahead and he was also crucial in making the link-up with Bowling possible.

He thinks the project would be great for the city of Bradford, getting more kids to play a range of sports in a quality facility.

Leadbeater said: "It was me who brought it to the table. Ryan Hunkin (West Bowling head coach) is a friend of mine, he works on behalf of the Bradford Bulls foundation so I got talking to him about how good it would be to have other sports here.

"I will say that myself and the team have worked so hard to get this done. Fingers crossed everything is going in the right direction.

"We have got to be positive that it is going to happen and hope the people say yes.

"This is a great opportunity for Bradford. It is the ideal time and we will see what happens in March."