THE first match of 2020 is on Sunday, February 16. In the yearbook, this match is on the canal but may be moved to Myrtle Park.

One member reported catching chub, grayling and a barbel, as well as out of season trout, when the river was at a fishable level.

Extra care should be taken, as the banks can be dangerous as the level drops.

The Aire Rivers Trust are having volunteer days every Friday through February and March. All volunteers would be made welcome. Contact Nick Milson (07378 878857) for details.


With the river in perfect condition for last week's match, it was Carl Chadwick taking top spot with an impressive weight of 23lbs 8oz. Second was Ian Needs with 7lbs.

The next river match will be on February 16. To book on, call Carl Chadwick on 07955 727079. Please avoid calling in working hours (7:30am-5pm) on weekdays, as the use of mobile phones is not permitted at work.

The draw will be held at 8:45am at the Sir Norman Ray Pub, Market Square, Shipley, BD18 3QB. The entry fee is £15.

There is also a silvers match on the canal this Sunday. To book on, call Richard East on 07815 092966.


Upon receiving membership books, they must be read then signed, as no excuse will be accepted for breaking the rules. Also, there is a questionnaire plus a S.A.E.

The match at Kippax Park, held on Saturday last, was won by J. Brogden with 44lb 15oz. T. Hewson was a distant second with 19lb 6oz, while R. Clark was just behind him in third with 18lb 3oz.

The match held at Moor Monkton pools on Wednesday, January 29 was won by M. Wade, with 78lb 4oz. S. Bolton achieved a solid second with 61lb 12oz and G. Touwhey managed third with 45lb 12oz.

In the match on Sunday, the winner was A. Warren, with 66lb 15oz. He only just edged out M. Green, who came second with 64lb 7oz. S. Boulton rounded off the top three with 46lb 14oz.

In the Leeds Winter League fixture held at Linton & Hunters Lodge, the winner was A. Bradley with 3lb 10oz. S. Lister grabbed second with 3lb 6oz, while S. Newns finished third with 3lb.


There is a members match on the canal on Sunday, February 16. To book on, contact 07518 721051.

There are reports of sightings of large carp at Rodley, but no one has, as yet, been successful in getting them to feed.

Any reports will be welcomed.