RICHARD Sadler continued his fine run of form when he won the Yeadon-Guiseley Motor Club; championship trial at Keighley Gate on Sunday.

Last week he won the Lonsdale Cup and at fog bound and rain swept Keighley Gate the Cobb and Jagger Trophy joined the Leyburn joiner's mounting collection.

He has five trial victories this year. With Ben and Dan Hemingway, Tom Minta, Sam Yeomans and East Morton's Martin Crosswaite on the start line the pressure was on. Yeomans was deprived of a certain overall fifth place by Class A youth winner Harry Hemingway, who almost added 'Crosser' to his tally.

Gavin Black pegged Clubman A just, from Falcon's Andrew Jackson who dropped two marks in the final section.

Ben Ludgate salvaged third place ahead of Matthew Alpe and Washington's Scorpa expert Gary Pears.

Henry Stephenson got his TRS round to make the top 12 in class and winning Youth B from Silsden's Alfie Lampkin, who is showing all the signs of being a Lampkin - smooth and maybe on the John Boy style of riding.

Sunday morning dawned foggy, cold, and raining as the mark-out team set out at 8am.

Ben and Sam Yeadon departed with flag bags to mark park of the 14 section route while Martin Crosswaite, Dan and Ben Hemingway and Andrew Carter marked out the other groups.

Only Sam Yeomans bossed the 10th, where the hard route section took a mark off Sadler and stopped Tom Minta, who was invincible in the sections on the Scorpa. Up to that stop, the Telford rider was on a clean sheet.

Clubman B was a battle of the Vertigoes. David Lamin turned in an eight score, which was better than Neil Gaunt's nine and Chris Beecroft's 10 but Matt Chambers was right on the trio and his Triumph seemed a more manageable machine in some of the green sections.

As the event was a Yorkshire Centre ACU, the entry number was just under the 100 mark.


Hard course

Experts: Richard Sadler (Gas Gas) 1, Tom Minta (Scorpa) 5, Ben Hemingway (Beta) 7.

Inters: Keiran Child (Beta) 66, Danny Cockshott (Montesa) 76, Will Tolson (Beta) 83.

Novices: Tom Middleton (Beta) 44, Ryan Briown (Beta) 57, Jonny Chambers (Vertigo) 65.

Youth Class A: Harry Hemingway (Beta) 13 Harry Turner (Gas Gas) 21, George Hemingway (Beta) 59.

Clubman A 50/50

Novices: Gavin Black (Sherco) 5, Andrew Jackson (Gas Gas) 6, Ben Ludgate (Beta) 11.

Youth Class B: Henry Stephenson (TRS) 26, Alfie Lampkin (Vertigo) 38, Jacob Smith (Beta) 50.

Clubman B

Novices: David Lamin (Vertigo) 8, Neil Gaunt (Vertigo) 9, Chris Beecroft (Montesa) 10.

Youth Class C: Harrison Lightfoot (Beta) 67.

Non-competitive: Josh Pearson (Beta) 47, Freddie Stephenson (TRS) 58.

* The north Derbyshire trials venue of Burycliff attracted 53 competitors, mostly youth classes, for the annual Hebo Memorial Winter trial last week.

Barry and Nick Humphreys plotted a ten sections, ridden four times. The large boulder section suited Jack Dance, who cleaned half the course leaving Buxton's Harry Turner to salvage second place from Tom Shepherd in Class A.

Bradford's Charlie Smith won the adult class.

Experts: Charlie Smith (Beta) 36, Jo Collins (Montesa) 51, Jake Eley (Beta) 120.

Inters: George Clarke (Sherco) 49, Jason Cartlidge (Gas Gas) 69, Kaytlyn Adshead (TRS) 75 Class A: Jack Dance (JST Gas Gas) 11, Harry Turner (Gas Gas) 44, Tom Shepherd (Gas Gas) 82.