THE Bulls won’t look beyond their blockbusting start as they head into the new Championship campaign.

John Kear’s men kick off against promotion favourites London at Dewsbury tomorrow in the first of a tough triple-header to launch their season.

The Broncos clash is followed by a trip to York, who finished third last year, and then another home clash with 2019 beaten play-off finalists Featherstone.

Kear is hoping his side can set the tone with strong showings against three of the biggest hitters in the competition.

He said: “We’re going to get stuck into the first three or four games and then look at it from there.

“It’s a very difficult start. But if we come through those three and we’ve done pretty well, then we can look forward to the rest of the season with confidence.

“That’s when we can really start looking at targets. At the minute, we’ve got to see where we are and how we scrub up after these early games.”

Kear is happy for his reworked squad to be thrown into the deep end as they begin competitive life at the Tetley’s Stadium.

“When I saw London was the first fixture I was really chuffed,” he added.

“You do get to know exactly where you are. It allows you to say, ‘we’ve done that bit pretty well’, but more importantly it leaves you to think, ‘we need to smarten up on this, that and the other.’

“If you were going to ask me to pick three fixtures, I’d have gone for those three.

“The players have been focused on that since the list came out. We know it’s a tough start but we’re relishing that fact.”

London Broncos came straight back down from Super League last year but put up a real fight to take it to the last day. Kear believes they could count themselves unlucky not to survive.

“I thought they were excellent,” he said. “They won 10 games last year in Super League – and most seasons that would have kept you up.

“It’s only because everybody was knocking each other off lower down the league, while St Helens just walked away with it at the top. That gave a bit of a distorted view to the table.

“Football have their 40 points to stay up, Super League you usually want to have 20 points. London got that but didn’t get the cigar at the end of it.

“But they’ve had four months to adjust to being relegated and there’s been a vast change of personnel. They’ll be concentrating on going straight back up.”

Vice-captain Sam Hallas is fit to feature and there is better news on forward Sam Barlow, whose arm is in a cast after dislocating his wrist in the Dewsbury friendly.

Kear hopes to have him back by round six or seven – a lot sooner than the initial 14-week forecast.

George Flanagan’s suspension will be cleared up for the Featherstone game leaving only Connor Farrell as a longer-term absentee. He is expected to be available by mid-April after his knee operation.