BAILDON, who are in a five-cornered fight for two promotion places from Yorkshire Division Three, have another derby tomorrow - at home to cellar dwellers Aireborough, who seem destined to fall through the trap-door after several seasons of flirting with relegation.

The Jenny Laners came through some dicy moments in the second half of their 22-17 home victory over Wibsey last weekend, particularly in the scrum, and Baildon skipper Dan Cookson said: "Credit is due to Adam Hewitt and Phil Wilson for sticking in there.

"Wibsey used the scrum as an attacking weapon but our lads put their bodies on the line, although it didn't look like they were doing anything glorious."

As for the rest of the season as they battle with Leeds Corinthians, Knottingley, Harrogate Pythons and Old Otliensians for the honour of playing in Yorkshire Division Two, Cookson said: "We will just try and keep on winning.

"If you start getting ahead of yourselves and think that you have won before you turn up, remember that anyone can turn anyone over in this league.

"We need to keep up the same level at training with our first and second-teamers, who know what our systems are when they come into the first team so that everybody is on the same wavelength, and play with a smile on our faces.

"We are really happy with our league position and it is a question of a bit more knowledge and a few more tweaks.

"It is nice to have James Fox back from Keighley. It is a massive boost for us to have someone of his quality at this point of the season and it will help us going forward.

"He takes some of the brunt of the contact, he has raised everybody's spirits on the team and for such a big lad he actually jumps in the line-out!"

Wibsey also have a winnable home game - against next-to-bottom Skipton, who have lost their last 10 matches.