THE Bulls have got a “good fit” with dual-reg partners Hull FC, according to John Kear.

The club have eventually sealed a deal with their Super League partners to open the door for borrowing players for the Championship campaign.

And Kear believes the close links between the two coaches and the sides will ensure a successful working relationship.

Kear led Hull to Challenge Cup success in 2005 while Radford played over 150 times for the Bulls, winning the Super League twice during their glory years.

The Bulls coach said: ““It’s taken a while because we had to make sure it was the right thing for us and Hull FC had to make sure it was right for them.

“You wouldn’t realise how many conversations have taken place with Lee and their chief executive.

“It’s taken some doing but I think it’s the right thing to do for the situation we’re in at this moment in time.

“Obviously, Lee has got a great affinity with Bradford and I’ve got a good one with Hull. It all seemed to dovetail together.

“I think it will benefit Hull FC and I certainly know it will benefit us. It’s taken some getting over the line but we look forward to it being a success.”

Kear has openly voiced his reservations about the system which was used to great effect by several Championship rivals last season.

But with the Bulls operating a trimmed-down roster for 2020 after their financial problems, he views it as an obvious solution.

“I’m not a huge fan of it but I look at how well Featherstone used it last year,” he added.

“They started off with a skinny squad as we are.

“It developed over the year and they did lean on Leeds. If we lean on Hull and it has the same effect, then so be it.

“I’m sure that the fans of Bradford won’t mind – and I’ll tell you the coach of Bradford certainly won’t mind!

“What particularly appeals to me is the cracking squad that Hull FC have got. Not everybody’s going to get in their starting 17.

“I think there will be some quality who really won’t be playing reserve grade because they are too big a name. So, they need to be playing in the first team.”

But Kear insists the influx of Hull talent will not block the progress of the young Bulls players aiming to make the breakthrough. Having other players available will allow him to give the youngsters a breather.

Kear said: “You can’t play young lads week in, week out at that level. They are going to hit a wall at some stage.

“We’ve got to be able to rest and rotate whether it’s with other young lads or someone we’ve brought in off dual reg.

“It’s not a negative at all to take them out from time to time.

“Take stock of where you are, how you’ve progressed and let’s see what the next stage is for you.

“I think young Brad Gallagher has gone a bit under the radar when we’ve talked about other people. But he has been fantastic in the second row.

“But he won’t be able to play to that level for 27 rounds at 19 years of age. That’s just a fact of life.

“At some stage he’ll have to be sat down and told that it’s in his best interests to have a week off for his long-term development.

“That will be a conversation I’ll have, not just with Brad but with a lot of young players, because I’ve got to win as many games as possible while developing these lads.”