IT was business as usual for JST Gas Gas teamster Richard Sadler, who won the Filtrate Trophy Trial at Fellbeck on Sunday.

Sadler rode the 14 sections in his usual calculating style on lap one with a mark in Burtons, where four sections in the wood and the south ravine were plotted.

That score climbed when he failed the opening section in the dark swirling stream on lap two.

The water depth was over a foot in depth when Bishop Middleham Class A Youth Amelia Mayhew found out just how cold the water was - the hard way.

Typically, the Hemingway boys jumped the stream from a large rock. George fired his Beta well clear of the water and beat brother Harry in the altitude stakes.

The hard route took the riders up a steep muddy bank and round a bush and back to the stream launching pointing.

The Clubman route missed the muddy areas and cross the stream at an angle, and against the tide.

Clubman A winner Peter Sharp played the safety ploy with a clean on lap one but five and three as the mud got worse.

Lancashire Clubman B winner Darren Mitchell was on top form and six dabs won him Clubman B.

Burtons afforded some shelter from the wind though the rocks at the eighth got the scores moving.

Danny Gamble’s double clean was the best while Dan Hemingway added a stop to his score, which put him a mark in front of son Harry who lost a mark in the stream at section 12.

George Hemingway admitted a failure on lap one, but bossed the section along with Elliott Laws on laps two and three.

At the sharp end, Sadler and Dan Hemingway cleaned Rob Shepherd’s penultimate rock climb where the right line was imperative.

Interesting entries included Elliot Smith, who rode an Oset through all the sections and Hazelmere girl Jazz Hammond, who contested the ACU Ladies Inter class last year.

Steve Lambert rode his 20-year-old Yamaha TYZ to third Clubman B finisher.

And finally, observer of the day was Skipton’s Mick Shorrock, who was stationed at the pinnacle of the 14th section and‘enjoyed’ the full effects of the Artic wind.


Championship course

Experts: Richard Sadler (JST Gas Gas) 7, Danny Gamble (Sherco) 9, Dan Hemingway (Beta) 21.

Inters: Thomas Housecroft (Vertigo) 34.

Novices: Jonathan Chambers (Vertigo) 80, Andrew Reynolds (Beta) 105, Adam Howling (Vertigo) 147.

Youth Class A: Harry Hemingway (Beta) 22, George Hemingway (Beta) 65, Elliott Laws (Vertigo) 76.

Clubman A: Peter Sharp (Vertigo) 14, Rob McNeil (Beta) 22, Darren Gill (Beta) 26.

Clubman B: Darren Mitchell (Beta) 6, Phillip Hammond (Sherco) 11, Steve Lambert (Yamaha) 11.

Non-competitive: Elliott Smith (Oset) 82, Jamie Sharp (Vertigo) 96, Jack Bennett (Beta) 105.