A LAYER of snow and frozen ground failed to halt the Yeadon-Guiseley Club’s 10th club championship trial at Dob Park.

The 10 sections totally in Brown’s Wood failed extract a single penalty from Dougie Lampkin who put his Vertigo in front of cousin Dan Hemingway and nephew Harry Hemingway.

The Hemingway boys both rode the hard route. George rode Class A and dallied with Alice Minta who grabbed eighth place among likes of Dec Bullock, Charlie Smith, James Duxbury.

Only a dozen braved the hard route which took in the extreme west end gully and ended on the treacherous fir cone strewn east wood where grip was minimal.

Chris Beecroft observed the steep rock stepped that circled several trees.

The final climb caught many including Ariel mounted Edward Dobson who hung onto the bars when the bike was above his head and intent on plunging 50 yards down the woods to the rode below.

Edward deserved his ovation. Ironically the next rider up was a guy on a Bantam by the name of Yrjo Vesterinen who stormed up as if the surface was tarmac.

Robin Luscombe burnt the ground on his Triumph Cub and of Karl Greaves who salvaged the novice class behind a trio of Over-50s veterans.

The Small Wheels class featured only nine contenders who rode a six-section four-lap course in the east end of Dob Park just below the top boundary wall where a few inches of snow on the inclines tested the girls and boys.

Alfie Carney is the class act on the hard route and duly won from Jamie Graeme.

Alanna Eagleton, now 10 years old, won the middle route on a nice shiny new, to her, Oset.

And the girl looked right on it as it suited her longer legs. Koby Smith dabbed three times to win the easy route from brothers Will and Sam Ethell who were pushed by the determined Edward Koposz.

Y-G will run again on December 29 when the Rene Smith Memorial trial takes place on the Dob Park acres.

Results: Hard course: Experts: Dougie Lampkin (Vertigo) 0, Dan Hemingway (Beta) 10, James Duxbury (Vertigo) 28. Inters: Tom Rushton (Vertigo) 50.

Novices: Charlie Smith (Beta) 22, Tam Hain (Beta) 121, Adam Howling (Vertigo) 126.

Youth Class A: Harry Hemingway (Beta) 13, Alice Minta (Scorpa) 52, George Hemingway (Beta) 55.

Clubman A: Darren Gill (Beta) 35, Michael Benn (Gas Gas) 41, Matt Rushton (Gas Gas) 49.

Youth Class B: Alfie Lampkin (Vertigo) 39, Henry Stephenson (TRS) 42, Charlie Crossland (Beta) 75.

Clubman B: Karl Greaves (Vertigo) 17, Rob Dawson (Beta) 29, Ben Yeadon (Beta) 37.

Over-50s: Rob Hardisty (Sherco) 7, Yrjo Vesterinen (BSA) 9, Mark Chippendale (Gas Gas) 17.

Youth Class B: Jack Bennett 82, Arran Sherwin 89. (All Beta). Youth Class C: Freddie Stephenson (Beta) 80, Zachary Sellers (Beta) 159.

Small Wheels: Hard route: Alfie Carney (Oset) 36, Jamie Graeme (Beta) 61.

Middle route: Alanna Eagleton 38, Aiden Richardson 49, Sophie Sellers 78. (All Oset).

Easy route: Koby Smith 3, Will Ethell 18, Sam Ethell 48 (All Beta).

Meanwhile, the Horsforth club struck lucky at the Parkwood Offroad Centre where 61 club championship contenders competed for points.

No sign of snow and ice at all and almost mild weather prevailed at Tong.

Eight sections and four laps tested all but the eight small wheelers girls and boys rode six sections four times.

Arthur Wright, Ruby Lawrie and Charley Jennings were the clear class winners.

Carena Carter’s fourth section tested all adult classes mainly by the large log that had to be surmounted.

Hard route novice winner Richard Mellon almost floated his Vertigo over it on every lap.

Clubman A winner Neil Gaunt and his Vertigo also had the answer to the slippery woodwork.

Clubman B winner Steve Gossop blotted his copybook on lap two when a boot went down to line his BSA Bantam up for the log.

The final section was a climb which mellowed so Anthony Ayrton’s observer sheet featured many zeros.

Results: Hard course: Novices: Richard Mellon (Vertigo) 3, Paul Kettlewell (Montesa) 6, Peter Field (Gas Gas) 9.

Over-50: Kevin Alderson (TRS) 25, Stuart Hampson (Gas Gas) 34. Youth Class A: Harvey Taglione (Gas Gas) 17, Harry McLoughlin (Beta) 21. Youth Class B: Harrison Skelton (Beta) 61.

Clubman A: Novices: Richard Crabtree (Vertigo) 4, Lance Codner (Beta) 9, Shaun Lightfoot (Vertigo) 12.

Over-50s: Neil Gaunt Vertigo) 0, Nige Pearson (Montesa) 3, Paul Ingleby (TRS) 7.

Pre-65: Matt Chambers (Triumph) 8. Youth Class B: Lucy Ayrton (TRS) 30.

Youth Class C: William Sagar (Beta) 11, Harrison Lightfoot (Beta) 27.

Clubman B: Novices: John Hindle (Beta) 14, Simon Cassidy (Montesa) 16, Andy Leeman (Gas Gas) 38.

Over-50s: Mark Grant (Beta) 6, Ged Fallon (TRS) 8, Ian Bradley (Beta) 8. Pre-65: Steve Gossop (BSA) 2, David Brogden (BSA) 8.

Youth Class B: Jimmy Crabtree (Beta) 5. Youth Class D: Bobby Crabtree (Beta) 54. Small Wheels.

Red route: Arthur Wright (Oset) 34, Callum Edmondson (Beta) 60. Yellow route: Ruby Lawrie (Oset) 17, George Wright (Oset) 29,

White route: Charley W Jennings 13, Evie-Rae Edmundson 21, Will Clements-Nauman 22. (All Oset).