IT WAS US astronaut, Neil Armstrong, that spoke of small steps and giant leaps and in our own small way this weekend, that same sentiment could apply to our club.

At long last we are able to reopen a club shop at the Bulls, thanks in no small part to the volunteers, staff and the business community who have given their time, skills and resources to make this happen.

This is not being presented as the opening of an Old Trafford mega store, but nevertheless, in its own way, it represents even more.

The club has been determined, not just to talk about retaining a presence in Bradford, but to actually deliver against that aspiration. Words are words, while actions are irrefutable and this club is totally committed to keeping its promises.

The shop (due to be open today from 10am to 2pm) is in the same location as previously and hopefully we will be in a position to offer Bulls merchandise to anyone who would like to wear their club allegiance with pride. I say hopefully because in the world of sports apparel, nothing is certain; except the industry’s fundamental uncertainty and unreliability.

Anyway, it would be fair to say that we are not seeking to present the choices and varieties of the Grand Bazaar, but hopefully there is something there for everyone and it is the poignancy of the re-opening that speaks loudest.

Rugby League is littered with clubs, some big ones, that have moved from their spiritual home and have diminished as a consequence.

Perhaps the most powerful example is Swinton who were once a giant and powerful Manchester club, who moved to Bury and commenced a spiral of decline. There may well have been other underlying reasons, and perhaps some may argue that the club would have declined had they stayed in Swinton, but it can’t have helped.

As the philosopher George Santayana is credited with saying “those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it” or words to that effect, and that is why all at the club are fully and totally committed to keeping our absence from the city to a bare minimum. That is why we have launched the BBBB campaign, Bringing the Bulls Back to Bradford.

We have already had a wonderful response from local businesses who wish to support the campaign and you will start to see publicity and certificates adorning the walls of those who have engaged.

We believe £50 a month is a realistic fee for the bundle of benefits and advertising the club is providing. We are supremely grateful for all those who have already chosen to join us on the start of our exciting journey.

If you can support those businesses that support your club, that would be most appreciated. Some of our rivals have excellent commercial operations, some not quite, but the truth is that every sports club has to be built on rock solid off-field operations and stable finances.

At the Bulls, going forward, we are determined to take care of business.

Any return to Bradford can only be achieved with the active co-operation of the local authority and the club will be meeting council officers next week to seek to progress their thinking. We will also be meeting the RFL before Christmas.

Also, next week, we will be giving our 2020 kit its first reveal with a portfolio of sponsors, new and old. Please watch the website next week for more detail and we hope you will like the designs and thank you to all partners who have sponsored the shirt.

Please be assured there is a lot going on at your club, much of it unseen. Volunteers and staff alike are working hard and there is still much to do.

But the fundamental building blocks are being put in place and the plan will take shape in the first quarter next year. We have been asked by many about volunteering and advisory boards and we will progress that next month. Please register your interest with the club.

In the meantime, it is now less than two weeks before the Bulls take to the field once again - surely a source for celebration for everyone who truly supports the club. Come on you Bulls.