EVERY day is a school day as the saying goes – even on a long away trip.

Richard O’Donnell is happy to mentor young goalkeeping colleague George Sykes-Kenworthy on his journey at City.

And the marathon trek back from Plymouth recently offered the senior stopper another opportunity to pass on more advice to the rookie understudy.

O’Donnell had held up his hand earlier that afternoon to the blunder that led to Argyle’s second goal – and ultimately the decisive one as a second-half recovery from the Bantams failed to salvage a result.

The lesson being passed on during the bus drive home was about not dwelling on those mistakes – a crucial trait for any keeper.

O’Donnell said: “I actually thought I played pretty well against Plymouth but obviously made a mistake for a goal.

“I was telling George on the way home that there was a lesson in that for him.

“I asked him what it was and it took a bit of thinking because he’s a bit like that sometimes!

“But it was basically that you’ve got to clear it out of your head as quick as you can.

“The goal was after about 25 minutes but we still had another 70 to play.

“So, you’ve got to move on and try to affect what’s in front of you and what you can do to try and get back in the game.”

Having that mental strength – and a skin like a rhino – is essential equipment when you play in a position where any error invariably results in a goal.

O’Donnell admits it becomes more manageable with experience.

“It can be tough, especially if you’re a younger lad,” he admitted.

“It’s something that I’ve got better with as I’ve gone on through my career.

“If I can help George or anyone else get their head round it then brilliant.

“I’m trying to pass on as much as I can to George because I think he’s come on a lot this season. He’s got a great attitude and wants to learn.

“I’m trying to help him every day as much as I can. I think he’s got a lot of potential to become a very good goalkeeper.”

O’Donnell will be hoping for no similar motorway recriminations on the way back from London as City look to take their impressive home form on the road.

Last week’s clean sheet in the win over Newport at Valley Parade was a welcome one after the frustration of giving away goals in the previous two away games.

After Plymouth, the 1-1 draw at Macclesfield was equally hard to swallow after conceding a needless penalty against opponents who otherwise created very little.

O’Donnell has sensed a trend of City shooting themselves in the foot like that at times.

“Generally this season the goals we’ve conceded have been avoidable whichever area of the pitch they may have come from,” he added.

“We’re not pointing fingers at individuals, as a team they could have been avoided.

“We conceded early at Plymouth and then I made a mistake for the second goal. We gave ourselves too much to do, although we did improve second half but it was a given we needed to do that.

“Macclesfield was very frustrating because they didn’t really create anything towards our goal, yet we only came away with a point.

“When you go behind away from home, it leaves you with a bit of a mountain to climb.”