JOSH Wright still has the voicemail from Justin Edinburgh on his mobile.

It was the last time he heard from the Leyton Orient manager, who suddenly died in the summer aged just 49.

Edinburgh suffered a cardiac arrest that he never recovered from on the day that Wright, his final signing, was due to put pen to paper.

“We last spoke on the phone on the Friday and Justin told me everything was agreed,” he said.

“Saturday was the Champions’ League final which he went to and I was due to sign on that Monday.

“I came up to where I was living in Leeds to get a few bits done and was driving back down when it happened.

“It all went through at the same time. Everyone assumed and believed Justin would pull through.

“I had a voicemail but he was too ill to speak after that. It was very surreal and incredibly sad.”

Six months on and former Bantams skipper Wright admits the shock around the club remains at suddenly losing a manager that he knew very well having previously played for him at Gillingham.

“It’s something that we will never get over. It’s taken time to adjust and I’m not sure we ever will.

“I don’t think people have realised how hard it’s hit us.

“Every time you think you’ve moved on, something else flashes in your mind and another memory comes back.

“You’ve got photos up and everything reminds you of him. Now and again you’ve got to shake yourself to get on with things but it’s always going to linger around you.

"It does put things in perspective because it's never going to be fair. It just reminds you that a lot worse can happen."