THE Bulls have stepped up their campaign to get back to Bradford by launching a scheme to united businesses backing the bid.

The club believe the commercial directory of local firms showing their support will add weight to their argument for coming back to the city.

“We’ve got to get back to Bradford as soon as possible,” stressed part owner Mark Sawyer.

“It’s the main aim of the club and we’ve ongoing discussions with all the stakeholders about achieving that. We’re speaking with the council, the RFL and sponsors, everybody with an interest in the Bulls.

“We’ll formulate a plan once we’ve heard what people have got to say. But that’s got to be the task.

“Setting up this membership scheme advertises companies supporting the Bulls and puts some weight behind the campaign.

“A lot of people have said they want to get involved in the campaign and this is a way they can show their support. It proves people care about the Bulls.

“A number of businesses are already signed up for it and others are looking to do so.”

A petition calling for the club’s return to the city, supported by MP Judith Cummins, has received over 3,000 signatures so far.

Sawyer stressed the Bulls are open to any possibility – but going back to Odsal remains the priority.

The club still maintain a presence at their home since 1934 with the shop and office. But he understands the fans want to hear concrete news.

“The fans clearly need to see that things are being done, rather than just talking,” he added.

“We’re talking with the council about us getting back to Bradford in general. But obviously the long-term home of the Bulls is Odsal.

“It’s still there and we’ll give it every opportunity to try and get back. But the fans will also appreciate there are many issues that need to be resolved.

“But we’ve kept a foothold there in that we’ve got the shop and the office. We’ve got a presence at Odsal and in Bradford.

“We’ve got to do a lot more than that to get back into the stadium itself.”

Firms will pay a monthly fee of £50 plus VAT to be part of the “Bring the Bulls Back to Bradford” membership scheme.

Sawyer said: “Businesses will get that exposure to what is a big fanbase. We’ve around 8,000 members in the rugby league scheme as well, the sixth biggest membership in the game.

"It would be a big concern if you were to go round and people were saying that they didn’t care if the Bulls came back to Bradford. But you can see it clearly means so much to so many.”