GARY Bowyer fears that talking is a dying art on the football pitch.

The City boss reckons that modern-day players are nowhere near as vocal in an era of text messaging on mobiles.

So that’s why he is so pleased to see Jake Reeves and Chris Taylor making themselves heard.

Bowyer said: “We’re in a world where everybody speaks to each other by text. There is a knock-on effect from that.

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“Talking is a massive part of the game and it is dying out a bit. It’s a skill and that was a positive from last Saturday.

“We had two out there being very vocal as well as Vaughany (James Vaughan). That’s what you want to see as a manager when they are helping their team-mates.

“Connor Wood is a good example. He came in last season with how it was and then to find himself now in the form that he’s in.

“We’ve spoken with him about stepping up now. He’s not to be viewed as a young one but someone who’s got that experience under his belt.

“He now needs to start marshalling the defenders as well to develop further and talking to players on the pitch, demanding more from them.

“Talking is so important, especially when we’re at home and you’ve got the big crowds. Sometimes it’s difficult to get your message on with the noise levels.

“Looking through the eyes of Reevesy and Chris Taylor, they are in the right areas and saying the right things.”

The City boss admits he has to play the “killjoy” role with players coming back from long-term injuries to ensure they maintain their rehab work.

“You have to drop the odd reminder to stay on top of the programme,” he added.

“It’s hard because it’s been so long for some of them and lonely. It’s one of the loneliest places in the world trying to come back from injury.

“Then when you’re back among your mates and they go off but you’ve still got to be in the gym and do your bit again on your own. It’s tough sometimes.

“But again it’s a measure of the character of the individual to be that disciplined to keep on progressing with how they are doing with their body.”