No reports of fish caught this week. Probably the cold weather putting anglers off.

The next club match is the Christmas cheer on Sunday, December 15 not 16 as printed in the yearbook. Contact Adi on 07783 332705 for details and to book on.

The Aire Rivers Trust have volunteer days through December and January, contact Nick Milson for details.


Membership for 2020 will be available from all of the usual outlets from the week before Christmas.

James Vickerman won round two of the Raskelf Winter Series with 19 f1 carp for 26lbs 4oz on feeder and maggot.

Last year's winner, Dawid Moska, came second with 25lbs 7oz, followed by Pete Vickerman and Eric Wright. The next round will take place on January 26.

The River Nidd at Cowthorpe will be closed this Sunday for an open match. Tickets are available from Simon on 01274 571175 and the draw will take place at the roadside at 9am.


Well, the annual general meeting went well with good ideas to how we move forward for the future.

One of the main things was we will not have a committee in the future.

There will be four custodians of the club, already picked by the members, who will be keeping a check on moneys incoming and out goings.

The next thing was the monthly meetings. It was voted on that we have a three-monthly meeting instead of the monthly meeting we have had in the past.

We will have the Christmas cheer meeting in December of this year but then meetings will be every three months after that.

So that will take us into March which will be the presentation evening. Then there was the problem with day trips.

The day trips have not been well supported in the past, so it was voted on that we do not book any day trips in the future.

If anyone would like a trip they can book a boat themselves and if four or more club anglers wish to go on that trip they could call it a club trip, but it will be self-financed.

The week's fishing holidays will still be run by the club and will remain.

That is, a week’s fishing on Clare Island in Southern Ireland in May 2020, The week’s fishing to Shetland at the beginning of August 2020 and the week’s fishing to Culdaff in Southern Ireland starting on August 9, 2020.

If you would like to go on any of these trips let us know at the meetings or ring the trip organiser Dave to book your place.

Finally, will all this year’s trophy winners please return them to the December meeting so we can get them ready for next year.


It is with deep regret that we announce the death of the social club president Bob Waters. He held this position for many years and will be missed.

The match results on the club's stillwaters have been effected by the weather.

At Kippax Park, the winner of the Tuesday event was won by S Holmes 53lb 6oz; second was S Pearson 47lb 9oz; third was J Brogden 43lb 10oz.

The match, held on Saturday, was won by D Page 30lb 3oz, 2 J Brogden 21lb 4oz; 3 P Beedle 14lb 8oz.

At Moor Monkton Pools, the winner of the Wednesday match was M Green 56lb 10oz, 2 A Hornsby 47lb 14oz, 3 B Fisk 43lb 7oz.

Sunday's match was won by C Watson 21lb 15oz, 2 A Bull 19lb 14oz, 3 M Dodsworth 19lb 13oz.

This Sunday's river match is the Christmas cheer event. To book on, call the match secretary by 9pm this evening.


It is expected that membership books for 2020 will be available by Christmas, at no price increase from this year.

The winner of this year's aggregate weight trophy is J Mason. Runners-up E Harrison and B Mason.

The winner of the Spen League is B Mason. Winner of the Fox Brothers aggregate points shield is E Harrison.

More members are required to come forward to act as watchers. Contact any club official for further details.


For once in quite a long time, the level of the River Aire has fallen to what it should be at this time of the year and last weekend a few anglers took advantage of the better angling conditions.

On the upper reaches around Heslaker Lane, the worm and maggot accounted for a few grayling to around the 225g mark from the popular swims.

Trout appeared to be concentrating on spawning activities and only the odd fish turned up in catches.

Below the Carleton Stone Bridge, the same species were feeding and in roughly the same quantities although grayling to about the 680g mark have been known to inhabit this length in reasonable numbers.

If the river remains at a similar level, the lower length at Snaygill should start to produce some good pike fishing with fish up to possibly around the 9kg mark, although fish to 4.5kg are more numerous.

Sardines are a good dead bait to try and a useful tip for Aire pike is that if you do not get a take within a few minutes, move on to other spot. Remember, no treble hooks, a biggish single hook is just as good and does far less harm to the fish.

The pike bonanza on the canal appears to have died down a bit and few anglers were fishing for them last week.

Roach, perch and skimmers were all feeding well and some good bags of fish were recorded from around the basin and lower down the canal adjacent to Keighley Road.

The 15lb pike landed by four-year-old Harvey Ives last week was soon superseded by another fish estimated to weigh 17lb.

No weighing scales were available so neither fish could be considered for a record.

Weight for length scales are a good guide for a pike in good condition and the following may be a useful initial guide; length in inches/weight in lbs = 32/10.24; 34/12.28; 36/14.58; 38/17.15; 40/20.00 and 42/23.15.